Monday, March 14, 2016

The Voice Season 10: The Blinds End and The Battles Begin

Jared Harder sang Merry Go 'Round by Kacey Musgraves-- Blake is the only who turned for this country singer and with that.... Blake filled his team.
Blake picked James

Moushumi sang Wicked Game by Chris Isaak-- I love the intrigue in her vocal, she is someone that would have been a four chair turn had Blake's team not been full. The coaches all battled it out and, in the end....
Moushumi chose Pharrell

Katie Basden sang Midnight Rider by The Allman Brothers-- Another three chair turn, wow, they saved some really good people til the end. I liked her performance too, and the vocal was strong. Blake tried to get Katie not to pick Adam, but she ended up choosing him.
Katie chose Adam

Jonathan Hutcherson sang You & I by ?-- I found the song choice to be a little bit off, but I think this young man has potential, and where there's potential, Pharrell will turn.
Pharrell picked Jonathan

Ayanna Jahnee sang Skyfall by Adele-- This young woman's voice is spectacular. Christina didn't keep her waiting, and turned indicating that  her team is full.
Christina picked Ayanna

The Battles Begin!

Adam's advisor is Tori Kelly
Team Adam: Katie Basden versus Ryan Quinn sang Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney-- Katie impressed me, I thought Ryan was gonna kill it, but I think they were both great. This should be a difficult choice. Pharrell said he felt Ryan's intention, and Katie's voice seems limitless. Adam said he wishes he could climb in a hole, he felt Ryan had soul and he was impressed by Katie. Christina and Blake are both trying to steal Katie! Christina said don't go with Blake the copycat. Blake praised her great voice, and said the only reason he didn't pick her is because his team was full.
Adam chose Ryan and Blake stole Katie

Blake's advisor is Gwen Stefani
Team Blake: Brittney Lawrence versus Paxton Ingram sang I Know What You Did Last Summer by Shawn Mendes and Camila Caballo-- Pharrell said Brittney's performance needed dynamics and found Paxton impressive, and he would choose him. Adam said this is a matter of preference for Blake. I thought hands down Paxton won this, he is a full out performer, and his vocals were unique. Blake said Paxton is a vocal ninja and has great range.
Blake chose Paxton

Christina's advisor is Patti LaBelle
Team Christina: Bryan Bautista versus Malik Heard sang It's a Man's Man's World by James Brown-- Pharrell said the crowd was standing up, we stood up, it was amazing. Someone is getting stolen. Adam said I think I am gonna be one of y'all's coach. Blake said incredible performances by both of you. I liked both of them, Bryan's voice is strong and masculine.... Malik's voice is so soulful, I just loved his runs. Christina said Bryan, your falsetto notes, and Malik you're just such a skilled singer, and she said she is humbled to work with both of them. I can't choose personally, I don't know how Christina will. All three guys were in the running to steal Malik. Adam said he can get better than Bryan with his coaching. Blake said you have the potential to win this thing. Blake said just because Adma is dressed like he is leaving the gym doesn't make him a good coach.
Christina chose Bryan and Malik chose Pharrell on the steal

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