Monday, March 28, 2016

Season 10 The Voice: It's Time for the Knockouts

The Knockouts!

Team Blake: Paxton Ingram singing Hometown Glory by Adele versus Angie Keilhauer singing Take Your Time by Sam Hunt-- I love this Sam Hunt song but I honestly didn't think this was the right song for Angie. I thought Paxton's confidence really came across and I would go with Paxton because he had a better connection to the song. Pharrell said the song didn't measure up to Angie and her vocal. Christina liked how Paxton dipped into the juicy low part of his voice. Adam likes what Angie puts into every performance. He said Paxton's voice is so different and that's worth it's weight in gold. Blake chose Paxton

Team Adam: Owen Danoff  singing Always a Woman by Billy Joel versus Ryan Quinn singing Drops of Jupiter by Train-- Pharrell didn't feel Ryan was as connected to the song as he normally is. He would personally choose Owen. Adam said do I choose Ryan and his efficiency or do I choose the something special in Owen? Adam said he had to go with his heart because Owen gave a piece of his heart and soul to the performance. I like both of them, I think in the short run I would go with Owen and in the long run I would go with Ryan. Owen gave the best performance here but down the road, Ryan could rise to the occasion.
Adam chose Owen and Christina stole Ryan

Team Pharrell: Malik Heard singing Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder versus Hannah Huston House of the Rising Sun by The Animals-- Hannah slayed this, her vocal control was unreal. However, Malik is talented for someone his age, he has some pitch problems, but this is someone who has a lot of potential. Adam called Hannah's performance "bonkers", and thought Malik did an amazing job. Blake said standing ovation for Hannah, and thought Malik was so entertaining. Christina felt Malik's joy and thought Hannah's choices were cleverly placed.
Pharrell chose Hannah

Team Blake: Katie Basden singing Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac versus Lacy Mandigo singing Zombie by The Cranberries-- I preferred the gentle strength of Katie's performance. I liked Lacy's fierceness but honestly, it wasn't as controlled as it should have been. Christina thought Katie was strong and clear. Pharrell said he would give this knockout to Katie. Adam said Katie is phenomenal but Lacy has enormous potential.
Blake chose Katie because of how she transformed the song, and Pharrell and Adam tried to steal Lacy, and Lacy picked Pharrell

Team Christina: Alisan Porter singing River by Joni Mitchell versus Daniel Passino Ain't Too Proud to Beg by The Temptations--  Alisan's performance was flawless for me, but Daniel didn't give anything up, he fought all the way. Pharrell thought Daniel slayed it and his ambition was great, and Pharrell finds Alisan a seasoned artist. Adam said Daniel has what it takes, and Alisan you're something special and we're gonna see more of you. Blake said both of you sing incredibly well, Alisan won because pain connects so well. Christina hates that someone has to go. I think it's too bad that Daniel could not get stolen as he was so good as well.
Christina chose Alisan

Team Pharrell: Emily Kenner singing Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell versus Shalyah Fearing singing A Broken Wing by Martina McBride-- I find Emily rather pitchy, and I don't love the song choice. I would definitely pick Shalyah, she had so much commitment to the performance. Adam said Shalyah was a revelation to him, and damn, I dare Pharrell to make you available to me. Blake said he loves the song Shalyah chose, and he agrees with Adam, she took this one. Christina thought this was the finale show and that Shalyah just won The Voice. Pharrell said Shalyah you were swinging for the parking lot. You are both so much more musically mature than most adults, you both killed it.
Pharrell chose Emily. I am shocked! Adam, you better steal Shalyah! Adam stole Shalyah. I am still shocked.

Keep your eye on Shalyah, Alisan, Hannah, and Paxton

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