Monday, March 7, 2016

The Voice Season 10: Blinds Continue with Amazing 4 Chair Turn

Hannah Huston sang Unaware by Allen Stone-- I was getting scared that no one was going to turn. Then all of a sudden, everyone except Adam turned in the end. I thought this girl was great, I am glad she didn't sing something so mainstream, but instead, she sang something that was her vibe. I loved it. I think she could go far, that voice is soulful. 
Hannah chose Pharrell

Brian Nhira sang Happy by Pharrell-- This guy can clearly sing, I think I loved him even more when he sang Jesus Loves Me, he clearly would be a gospel singer. Blake and Pharrell turned for him, and I felt like Blake didn't have a chance!
Brian chose Pharrell

Asya sang Say Something by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera-- No one turned. Christina said she wanted a little less power and a little more emotion. 

Brittany Kennell sang Strong Enough by Sheryl Crow-- she had some great tone in her voice. Blake said that Christina mentioned that she sounds like Gwen, another girl he likes. Blake said, I really like you. Pharrell also talked about the unique tone in her voice. 
Brittany chose Blake 

Natalie Yacovazzi sang Mr. Know it All by Kelly Clarkson-- Woah! Why did no one turn except Adam?! Well whatever, Adam said he had to keep his poker face on so that the other judges wouldn't turn. She said Adam inspired her to come back. I loved her voice and her performance, this was a great Blind Audition song. 
Adam chose Natalie 

Malik Heard sang Chains by Nick Jonas-- Pharrell and Christina turned. Pharrell said he would love to have Malik on his team, and he's been making records since he was 18. Christina said she loves nurturing artist. I liked the smooth quality in Malik's voice, and I think he is something who has potential to grow which is important in a competition like this, so he will do well. 
Malik chose Christina

Peyton Parker sang Dreams by Fleetwood Mac-- Absolutely love the tone in this girl's voice. Christina and Pharrell turned right away, followed by Blake. The audience is really into her performance and are clapping along. Beautiful story-teller quality to her voice, I love it. Adam, you're an idiot for not turning! Pharrell asked her what type of artist she is, and she said she's a songwriter. Christina said there is no one on my team like you. Blake said your voice is so soft and cuts through. 
Peyton chose Blake

Gina Castanzo sang Cecilia and the Satellite and chose Blake 
Trey O'Dell sang Geronimo and chose Blake 

Kristen Marie sang Mad World by Tears for Fears-- Blake and Christina turned for Kristen who is someone that I could see being very versatile. Blake wanted her to pick him because she is from Oklahoma. Christina said I want to help you as an artist rise above in this competition. 
Kristen chose Christina

Nate Butler sang The Walk by Mayer Hawthorne-- All three guys turned at the last minute. I found Nate's falsetto and vocal impressive. Adam is right, he did have some trouble with the transitions but he was good enough to get by and Adam is good enough to help him. 
Nate chose Adam

Ryan Quinn sang Can't Find My Way Home by Blind Faith-- Omg! I loved Ryan's voice, he reminded me so much of Sting. This was a four chair turn and for good reason. Adam said he is jealous of his tone and his claws are out to get Ryan on his team. Christina said that everyone would love Ryan on their team. Blake urged Ryan to let him help him to the best he can be. Pharrell said good will is always rewarded in the end. 
Ryan chose Adam 

Who to watch....

Hannah, Peyton, and Ryan 

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