Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tamar Davis sang Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin-- Wow this girl was in the first version of Destiny's Child, and she has sung for Prince and knows Tyler Perry! What?! She has a fierce and strong voice. Christina turned right away, and although this is practically a lock Blake turned at the end just to make it interesting. Christina will help her to step out of the background and...
Tamar chose Christina

Jessica Crosby sang Viva La Vida by Coldplay-- I liked this performance, and the creativity in the arrangement, but there were some breath and pitch issues. Everyone turned except Blake, and in the end although Jessica talked about listening to Maroon 5, she went with someone else.
Jessica chose Pharrell

Justin Whisnant sang  Ain't Worth the Whiskey by Cole Swindell-- Adam turned immediately.... besides being extremely good looking Justin has a great voice. Blake finally turned and Adam is so irritated, I can tell. This guy is authentic country. Blake said he has style, and Adam said unlike you. Adam said I thought you were ridiculously good, and I wanted to turn around and let you know that. I care about great talent and that's what you are. Adam was like..... this is Blake, I don't know where you're from in Oklahoma..... Justin.... that's okay, I still choose you Blake!
Justin chose Blake

Jackie Lipson X's and O's by Elle King-- No one turned but Christina told her to come back and try a different song.

Daniel Passino sang Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth-- Daniel has a smooth and jazzy voice, his voice lends itself well to this song. Christina turned right away and liked what she was hearing. Blake made it in under the radar. Blake said I am a fan, I love your falsetto, and I am a fan of New Boston where you're from.
Daniel chose Christina

Owen Danoff sang Don't Think Twice It's All Right by Bob Dylan-- Adam, Christina, and Pharrell all turned at the beginning. He has an old school voice. He's so unique, I could see him going far in this competition. Blake joins them at the end to complete the 4 chair turn. Christina said it seems like you feel music with your heart. Adam said what I love is what you love. Blake said to give them being partners a chance. And Pharrell told him to feel his decision.
Owen chose Adam

Maya Smith sang Do Right Woman, Do Right Man by Aretha Franklin-- Her voice was thick, and beautiful. Christina and Pharrell turned, she gave it a good fight saying that she can only imagine all the song she can give her to sing.
Maya chose Pharrell

Nolan Neal sang Drive by Incubus-- Nolan has a heck of a story, and all the coaches admitted that they were crazy for not turning around. This guy must come back and sing Aerosmith.

Brittney Lawrence sang Warrior by Demi Lovato-- Christina turned right away, and Blake waited til the last minute to push.. I actually liked how understated and controlled the whole performance was. Adam said Blake has been doing this sneaky thing and waiting to push his button, and I just thought you should know because it's important you have a coach who is forthcoming. Christina loved the contrast of loud and soft and the control in her voice. Surprisingly...
Brittney chose Blake

Lightning Rounds!
Teresa Guidry sang Girl Crush by Little Big Town and chose Blake
Chelsea Gann sang Wild Angels by Martina McBride and chose Team Christina
Lily Green sang Songbird by Fleetwood Mac and chose Team Adam

Matt Tedder sang I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man by Muddy Waters-- Adam was the only turn which I am amazed about because Matt to me is an old soul with crazy good musical talent. Adam said he is a tremendous slide guitar player with a soulful voice. Adam added that he is overjoyed to have him on his team. Pharrell said he felt like Matt comes from a completely different era.
Adam chose Matt

Joe Maye sang I Put a Spell on You by Screamin Jay Hawkins-- Christina turned and then Blake once again came in at the end. Blake said you sang that song like you were pissed. Joe sang Word Up! last season and no one turned. This was redemption for him, and it was a much better song choice. He has lots of soul in his voice, he will need to work on controlling it. Christina made her argument and then Blake said pick someone who can win, pick me. Christina then decided to get up on stage and sing Joe's blind audition song as a duet.
Joe chose Christina

Who to Watch?
Tamar, Justin, Owen, and Matt

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