Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Top Eight Turn to Six on American Idol Season 15


LaPorsha Renae and Trent Harmon sang See You Again by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth

Avalon Young and Sonika Vaid sang Rise Up by Andra Day

Dalton Rapattoni and MacKenzie Bourg sang I Want it That Way by The Backstreet Boys

Lee Jean and Tristan McIntosh sang I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing by Aerosmith

Best duet goes to LaPorsha and Trent; they were meant to sing together. <3 nbsp="" p="">

LaPorsha Renae sang Come Together by The Beatles-- Jenn said you give us full diva every time you get up there. Harry said I never understood what those lyrics meant, but for some reason, I knew what you were singing about. Keith said any song is a great song for you. LaPorsha projects a level of coolness when she sings, but the best thing by far besides her tremendous is the way in which she controls it. She could win this entire thing.

MacKenzie Bourg sang You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker-- Harry said you couldn't have picked a better song, I felt you were really connected to it. Keith said it speaks volumes to me that you picked that song, it means you know who you are. You made that song sound brand new. Jenn loves MacKenzie's mix of old and new. I agree with all the judges' comments-- the song was really catered to his sound and style. I loved it.

Trent Harmon sang Stand by Me by Ben E. King-- Jenn thinks Trent is bad-ass, and thought it was awesome. Harry said he had fun with the melody. This guy continues to majorly impress me. I don't think has has made one false move in this competition. If anyone could be a lock for the finale, it would be him, he just has such a natural ability.

Tristan McIntosh sang A Broken Wing by Martina McBride-- Jenn said you have a perfectly suited country voice, and you did a really good job with that song. Harry agreed with Jenn. Keith said your voice is tailor made for that song. I loved the risk she took with the notes, and it worked because she chose a song that worked so well for her voice that I didn't care that she missed a high note.

Dalton Rapattoni sang Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles-- Keith liked the dark under-current he brought out in that song. Jenn loved the theatrics of his performance, and she loved that he ended the song on a big note. I think the performances of Dalton's that I like the most are the ones where he flips a song and makes it totally creative and his own.

Avalon Young sang P.Y.T. by Michael Jackson-- Keith said your voice and coolness boxes are checked. Jenn doesn't understand why she is in the bottom three again. She wants her to try going out of her comfort zone next week if she is around. Harry thinks her voice is incredible. He thinks maybe she needs to have a little more urgency-- there's a difference between laid back and captivating. Her performance quality is so amazing, it's like she's been on a stage forever. I love how every time she starts singing she is her comfort zone.

Lee Jean sang Let It Be by The Beatles-- Jenn liked this performance for him, but thinks that it may not be enough, she thinks it was a tiny bit shaky. Harry said very emotional, very smart, you committed to the lyrics, and you were sharp. Pitch was a bit of an issue this time. Keith said trying to reign the nerves in is tough, but your tone is gorgeous.It's nice to see this different side of Lee. It's like there's this intuitive side to him that I have never seen before, very thoughtful as he sings.

Sonika Vaid sang I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston-- Harry thinks of this song as a high risk, high reward song, and he loved it. Keith said if you're here next week, continue to release. Jenn said that's my favorite Whitney song, but I think you did a good job. I thought her voice was great, I think Sonika can sometimes lack emotional connection.

Wow, I would have given the save to Avalon....

Moving on..... bottom two next week is Dalton and Sonika. The four remaining contestants are untouchable.... LaPorsha, MacKenzie, Trent, and Tristan

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