Monday, July 5, 2010

The Bachelorette Season 6 Week 6: Ali--- Justin Goes Down!

Ali finds out from another girl who was on Jake's Season with her that Justin has a girlfriend from the beginning and he tried to cover it up. He did this to gain publicity, and he told his girlfriend about the whole scheme before he even left to do the show. Apparently she found put that he was dating another girl besides her, and then her feelings turned to anger, so she revealed Justin's secret.

When Ali confronted him, he tried to deny the whole thing. She tells him how she gave up her job and apartment to come there and find love and he f****d with that. She said that what he did is unspeakable and not just unspeakable because of what you did to me but what you did to this woman who is supposed to be your best friend. She kicks him off the show, and then a series of voicemails are played of Justin to Jessica's (said girlfriend) voicemail.

Ty gets the one on one date and they go to the Turkish baths. Ali says that after what happened with Justin, Ty has restored her faith in men. Ty reveals to Ali that he struggled with his ex working, but says that living ans experience made him change. Ali says she has concerns about how traditional Ty is, but she offers him a rose because she appreciates how open he is. She says he surprised her.

Craig, Kirk, Chris, and Roberto oil wrestle for time with Ali and surprisingly Craig won by beating Roberto. Ali and Craig eat dinner on a boat, and Ali comments on how positive and patient Craig has been throughout this whole process, and he says he will always be this way. He tells her that she is beautiful inside and out as they are watching the fireworks.

Frank receives the second one on one date with Ali and they go to the Spice Bazaar, and Ali dresses as a belly dancer when they play dress up at the store. Ali and Frank go to a very romantic dinner spot where Ali says her relationship with Frank scares her, but she still feels something special for him. She gives him a rose.

Ali decides to fore go the cocktail party because she already knows who she wants to send home. Roberto says he and the other guys must be playing back every moment in their minds that they have spent with Ali. Ali concludes by saying that there is one guy that she didn't feel that special connection with.

The Final Five

Craig is eliminated.