Monday, May 31, 2010

The Bachelorette Season 6 Week 2--- Ali!

Highlights from last week:

Ali giving Roberto the first impression rose; this man is absolutely so sweet and so sincere, and he taught Ali to salsa dance on the first night.

Thank you Justin "Rated R" Rego and Craig M. for showing your true colors on the first night; both of you are first class jerks.

Hotties of the season: Roberto Martinez and Jesse Beck (and I don't mean just hot for what they look like; I mean hot for who they are inside too. ;) ) with all hope Ali will keep these two around for a while.

This week May 31st, 2010:

1. Ali had her first one on one with Frank, yawn! There is something I find really weird about this guy, it's like he is too clingy and too goofy. The date starts off with a convertible ride, and a visit to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The rest of the date takes place at the famous Hollywood sign.... eww, why were they kissing under the Hollywood sign, I don't see any chemistry between these two.

Frank says: "Ali and I have amazing chemistry"......... not, "I am here to the end". Spoiler Alert! Reality Steve is reporting that Frank has a kinda sorta girlfriend/ ex girlfriend back home who he ultimately decides he wants to get back together with. Where does this leave the other guys and where does this leave Ali, especially if he gets far in the competition.

Frank is already talking about how it is gonna upset him to see Ali with the other guys. Ali wants Frank to know that she is crazy about them; the kissing begins again, and Frank gets a rose at the very end of the date.

*Back at the house, Craig M. causes more drama picking on the hot Jesse because he has tattoos, he is young, and he is from a small town in Missouri. Craig M.-- grow up and get a life! Seriously dude! I also want to say I really respect how Jesse handled the situation.

2. Group date-- Jonathan, Justin, Ty, Chris N., Hunter, Chris H., Kirk, Tyler, Steve, Craig R., Craig M., Kasey

The group date takes place in Malibu, and the guys participate in a photo shoot for a charity calendar.
Photo shoot highlights:
Kirk and Ali's one on one time; they seemed to click, I liked the chemistry going on between them.
Ty singing to Ali on the beach was so cute; her eyes were so happy.
Jonathan rocked a black speedo.

Ty revealed that he had been married before; Ali was touched that Ty shared that with her.
Jonathan warned Ali that Craig M. is dangerous and shouldn't be there.
Jonathan's feelings were solidified when Craig M. started making fun of him, and Jonathan commented that he has no regard for other people's feelings.
Justin was totally slimy when he got his one on one time with Ali, and then complained when Ty got a rose and said he felt Ty was fake cause he took out his guitar. Spoiler Alert Justin, also reported by Reality Steve, has a girlfriend back home and just came on the show to get publicity for his wrestling career. His girlfriend initially agreed to him going because he said he really wanted to be with her and told her of his real intentions. What she didn't know was that he not only was stringing her along but some other girl as well. What a slime ball.

Ty received the group date rose.

3. The next one on one date really made me happy cause I got to look at Jesse Beck for a while, and he is extremely easy on the eyes. Ali says Jesse is hot and sexy but she wants to see if they are compatible. A limo takes Jesse to Ali and a private jet. She says although she was scared of flying Jesse made her feel comfortable. After the plane lands they get into a red Ferrari and Ali drives down the Las Vegas strip.

They go to the new pool "Liquid", and they look hot as a potential couple; the two have lots of chemistry as they splash around in the water together.

As it turns to night, the two have dinner in a private suite overlooking the entire city. Ali looks beautiful and Jeese looks handsome. At this point, Ali is not sure she is going to give him a rose, but after they discuss where Jesse is from and he expresses getting to know Ali more, Ali gives him a rose.

They then go to the night club "Haze" which is shut down just for them, and they listen to a performance from the musician Jamie Cullum as they dance, and finally they kiss at the end of the night. I think these two have much more chemistry than Ali and Frank. The kiss is pretty passionate.

4. The Cocktail Party: Ali says her goal is to spend more time with the guys who she didn't see on dates this week. I didn't see her spend any time with John C. but she did spend time with Roberto (because what woman wouldn't?) and with Chris L.

Chris L. expresses on his one on one time with Ali that his family is a major part of his life.

Ali's one on one time with Roberto is full of sparks. She blushes as the comments on how handsome Roberto is and she blushes even more as he tells Ali that she is gorgeous. He tells her that he played baseball in college and was recruited by the Rockies and Twins after college so the two play catch out in the front yard. I really like the pace Roberto is taking this at. ;)

Scary alert! This guy Kasey scares me; his voice is weird. Even weirder is that Frank, who already has a rose, steps in, and he tells Ali that he feels like she is his girlfriend already.

Craig M. says he is here to have a good time with the guys......umm what about Ali?

Craig M. gathers the guys together to find out who called him dangerous, as if you don't already know? He questions Jonathan who says his conversations with Ali are private, and he doesn't owe him anything (good for you Jonathan, I totally agree). Jonathan tells him to take some accountability for his own actions and the issues that he has. He says that is the reason Craig M. is always attacking other guys in the house, like Jesse, because he cannot get over his own issues.

The Top 14!

Frank (umm go home to your ex!)
Jesse (the hottie)
Kasey (ehhh! why?)
Roberto (the other hottie)
Chris L.
Justin (gag!)
John C.
Craig R.

Chris N.

Eliminated: Chris H., Tyler V., Craig M. (buh bye and good riddance!)