Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Top Five Sing Sinatra on American Idol Season 9

This week the top five took on a real American Idol, the original crooner, Frank Sinatra. They did it with the help of singer and musician Harry Connick Jr. Connick is the first mentor in the history of American Idol to create the arrangements for the contestants as well as aid them in their performances on stage. Overall, I felt he was one of the best mentors ever.

01 Aaron sang "Fly Me to the Moon"-- Randy said tonight we are wondering who is in it to win it, and I think you did a good job. Ellen thought his vocals were beautiful. Kara thought it wasn't as strong as last week, and she told him to work on his charisma and stage presence because she believes he will still be there next week. Simon said it didn't have enough conviction, but people like him because he actually tries, and he gives him credit for that and believes it will buy him some votes. I think this week the bottom two is Aaron and Casey, so who knows what is going to happen. I would be sad to lose either one of them.
Score: 4

02 Casey sang "Blue Skies"-- Randy said it was pitchy, his worst performance ever, and he was out of his element. Ellen thought it was stiff and did not feel effortless to her. Kara said she didn't like how he held the notes. Simon said the problem is that you weren't fantastic. Harry admitted that Casey was much better in rehearsal and said it is hard to hear the band up the stage. I have to say I really think the judges got this wrong, more than anything else this season. Casey was nowhere near as bad as they said he was.
Score: 4

03 Crystal sang "Summer Wind"-- Randy thought it was okay, but sleepy. Ellen called her impressive because there are so many different sides to her as an artist. Kara said that she liked the way that Crystal phrased this song. Simon said the first half was small night club, and the second half was better; her second week in a row of just an okay performance. Again, I disagreed with the judges overall, I liked the way Crystal came across in this song and I liked how she performed.
Score: 5

04 Mike sang "The Way You Look Tonight"-- Randy said Mike is in it to win it, unbelievable arrangement and unbelievable vocals. Ellen said he was very comfortable on the stage. Kara said you took us on a journey, but you didn't lose yourself. Simon said that he felt that everything just clicked, and the first three performances were just okay. Again, this was a week where big Mike impressed me, I am really surprised that he has done this well and made it this far in the competition. Big props to big Mike.
Score: 5

05 Lee sang "That's Life"-- Ellen thinks if this were his final performance he would win the whole thing. Randy liked how he did not lose his rock edge. Kara echoed Ellen's thought and believes that if Lee continues to believe in himself he can win American Idol. Simon said Harry brought out Lee's confidence and personality and believe it was by far the best performance of the night.
Score: 4.9

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