Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Top 6 Sing Straight from the Shania Twain Songbook on American Idol Season 9

This week was a solid one in terms of performances, and I think overall the guys finished on top. Their performances were much stronger than the two ladies left in the competition. Although I usually love Crystal Bowersox, this week's performance was, in a word, just "okay". Siobhan once again did not impress me with her off key screaming at the end of the performance.

My Top 5

1. Lee DeWyze-- He sang "You're Still the One".
Loved it because: like Ellen said it always sounds like his version and someone elses, like Kara said his voice made it sound relevant, and like Simon said, out of any song in Shania's catalog he chose the perfect one.

2. Michael Lynche (Big Mike)-- He sang "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing".
Loved it because: Mike is in his element when he sings an R&B ballad and injects it with emotion, like Kara said he always connects with the song, and like Randy said Mike sings like Luther (what a comparison!).

3. Casey James-- He sang "Don't".
Loved it because: honestly, it was one of the best Casey performances ever, like Ellen said he found a genre where he truly belongs, and like Simon said he responded well to last week's wake up call.

4 Aaron Kelly-- He sang "You Got a Way".
Loved it because: like Ellen said he showed so much emotion, maturity, and depth; like Kara said he changed lyrics that otherwise would have been a bit inappropriate for him to sing, and like Simon said it was the first time in weeks that he showed real sincerity.

5. Crystal Bowersox-- She sang "No One Needs to Know".
First off, who can have a top five without Crystal?
Loved it because: she's always good no matter what.

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