Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Top 9 (Again!) Take on The King for Elvis Night on American Idol Season 9

The thing that most surprised me about Elvis night was mentor Adam Lambert's great advice; he was very specific about what each contestant had to work on. To me, this season has turned into the guys competition there are twice as many guys left now as there are girls. Crystal is still a front-runner in this competition, Katie has really brought her vocals and performance level up in the past couple of weeks, but Siobhan, in my opinion, is too unpredictable and erratic at this point of the competition.

01 Crystal Bowersox sang "Saved"-- Adam acknowledged immediately that Crystal has a great voice. She went with Adam's suggestion of taking a risk and using an electric guitar. Randy said he thought he was listening to someones record. Simon liked that she chose a song that suited her, and that she didn't fall into the karaoke trap that he believes so many other contestants will. No question, Crystal is here for the long haul.
Score: 5

02 Andrew Garcia sang "Hound Dog"-- Randy didn't like it, and called it bad karaoke. Ellen liked how he changed the song. Simon said it was like all Andrew's coolness got sucked out of him, and he just didn't get it. I think Andrew is in real trouble this week, if he doesn't get voted off, he will at least be in the bottom 3.
Score: 3

03 Tim Urban sang "I Can't Help Falling in Love"-- Adam liked the unique sound of Tim's voice. Randy said he really liked it. Ellen said, "I can't help falling in love with you Tim. That was beautiful." Kara said it was her fave Tim performance; it was authentic, current, very singer/ songwriter, and he didn't have to do a lot of moving around on the stage. Simon said Tim managed to go from zero to hero in two weeks, and he's proud of the way he has taken criticism. I thought Tim was awesome in this performance, I loved the changes he made to the song.
Score: 5

04 Lee Dewyze sang "A Little Less Conversation"-- Adam told Lee to make sure he engages the audience when he performs, and obviously Lee listened because I think he gave possibly his best performance ever. Randy called it another great, in the zone performance. Ellen liked his confidence. Kara said his vocals were fire, and that she has never seen him go for it that much on the vocal, but she wished it were more playful. Simon said, "it was on the money, full stop."
Score: 5

05 Aaron Kelly sang "Blue Suede Shoes"-- Adam told Aaron to believe in himself and commit to it more. Randy and Ellen both agreed that the second half was better than the first half. Kara liked that he was out of his comfort zone and it made him sound younger. Simon disagreed, and thought it was too old fashioned. I was very much split of this performance, there were some things I did like and some things I didn't.
Score: 4

06 Siobhan Magnus sang "Suspicious Minds"-- Adam admires that Siobhan likes to be different. Ellen liked the second half of her performance better than the first half because she used her big voice. Kara didn't love it, and Simon called it erratic and screechy. I was not engaged during this performance at all, it bored me a bit.
Score: 3

07 Michael Lynche sang "In the Ghetto"-- Randy called it a little sleepy but the vocals were hot. Simon said terrific choice of song and the vocals were great. Ellen commented that she was happy that they saved him last week; I agree.
Score: 4.9

08 Katie Stevens sang "Baby What Do You Want Me To Do"-- Adam said she has the pipes, and the looks; she just has to sell it, and she pretty much did. Randy, Ellen, and Kara all quickly agreed that she did great. Simon said he didn't like the song, and found it a bit annoying. Sorry Simon, I don't agree with you on this.
Score: 4.75

09 Casey James sang "Lawdy Miss Clawdy"-- Randy found the performance to be in the zone. Kara said it fell short of what she has thought to be brilliance in the past. Simon said the song was too obscure, and that it was a wasted opportunity during Elvis week, but his vocals were great.
Score: 4.8

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