Saturday, May 29, 2010

Swizz "mizzes" the Point!

What I should first explain was that this piece was written in response to an article on MTV News reporting that Alicia Keys is pregnant and engaged to music producer Swizz Beatz. Later reports say that Ms. Keys is four months along, and Swizz is not yet formally separated from his first wife.
Here is the link for the article I based this piece on:

I think Swizz Beatz, or whatever his name is, is a bum. He needs to man up and say that he made a mistake by getting involved with an amazing woman before he divorced his current wife.

Also he says, "People get divorced every f---in' day. They need to worry about more serious things." Really? Really? You know what, it is ok for people to get divorced if they are in a bad relationship or in a loveless relationship, but what does it say about his regard for marriage when he can't even divorce his first wife before he moves on to the next relationship.

Alicia Keys is such a beautiful person; I have so much respect for her as a woman, and who is to say he won't do the same thing to her that he did to his still current wife? He is thinking with his brain below the belt, and he only cares about himself, he has no regard for other people and that can include his soon to be ex wife, and his soon to be wife. It is ok to love someone, but it isn't ok to love when you aren't totally free to love (i.e. because you are married to someone else), and it isn't ok when loving someone else hurts the person you are supposed to love.

And is it serious, Swizz, when people go out there and just do whatever makes them feel good in life without caring about other people! We need more people out there like Alicia who care about others and care about helping people. She is such an inspiration to me and to so many other young women. I am in awe of her talent and her inner beauty, and I only wish her the very best in life. I hope everything works out as well as it can.

I like Swizz's music, but I do not agree with his life choices, and I hope the saying isn't true, I hope a tiger can change its stripes, but so far that has never happened. He needs to stop trying to justify his bad behavior, be a man dude! Seriously. Stop making excuses!

Photo by Bryan Bedder/ Getty Images