Monday, March 30, 2015

The Voice Season 8: The Battles Are Complete

Team Adam: Barry Minniefield singing What You Won't Do for Love by Bobby Caldwell versus Tonya Boyd Cannon singing I Wish by Stevie Wonder-- Both performances were solid, I loved both of them. Barry has such a rich and powerful voice, and Tanya just goes out there with so much conviction every time. Blake felt like they should never be separated, they are already an act. Christina said you both represent similar things, I was feeling every second. Pharrell said Barry I look forward to your performances, you give so much soul, and Tanya, you can't hide the church in there. I can't make a choice.
Should win: Barry, love him
Who Won? Tanya

Team Blake: Brooke Adee singing Electric Feel by MGMT versus Kelsie May singing Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift-- I didn't feel like Kelsie's performance did a very good job of showcasing her range. Brooke's performance was definitely more intriguing for me, and I felt like her vocals were strong. Christina liked Brooke's voice, and she liked that Kelsie's performance was full of emotion. Blake said I want to leave, and Adam said please leave. Pharrell said that Brooke sounded like the b side of a Motown album. Adam said you're evenly matched, but I was very taken by what Brooke was doing.
Should win: Brooke
Who Won? Brooke

Team Christina: India Carney singing Big White Room by Jessie J versus Joe Tolo singing One of Us by Joan Osborne-- I am not familiar with the song India chose. I felt Joe's performance was quite genuine and from the heart. I felt like he did a good job on connecting with the song. As much as I like India, I think I would choose Joe. India's performance was powerful, but I found the song itself a little bit boring. Pharrell said Joe had a breakout moment, and he said India is glowing and he would choose her. Adam called India a beast.
Should win: Joe
Who Won? India

Team Pharrell: Lowell Oakley singing My Girl by The Temptations versus Jacob Rummell singing Life of the Party by Sean Mendes-- I think I actually like Jacob better than Lowell. Blake thought Lowell sounded great, and Jacob you have an incredible voice. Christina thought Jacob's performance was great and she would pick him, she thought Lowell seemed uncomfortable.
Should win: Jacob
Who Won? Lowell

Team Christina: Rob Taylor singing Love and Happiness by Al Green versus Treeva Gibson singing Chasing Pavements by Adele-- I loved Rob, he just has so much soul, it's ridiculous. I liked Treeva but she wasn't confident enough. It seemed like Christina felt similarly to how I felt.
Should win: Rob
Who Won? Rob

Team Adam: Joshua Davis singing The Arms of a Woman by Amos Lee versus Lexi Davila singing Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding-- I could not think of anything wrong with Josh's performance. It was heartfelt, and I loved how powerful the vocal was. It was controlled. Lexi absolutely lit up the stage, her voice completely sparkled. Blake is right, it's like something switched and all of a sudden she gained all this confidence. Blake said Josh looks like he is ready to go to the end of this thing. Christina said Josh pulls on your heart strings, and she said she has to commend Adam for coaching her so well. Pharrell said Joshua gave a masterful performance, and he said Lexi performed that song with such accuracy.
Should win: both of them!
Who won? Joshua and Christina please steal! YES!! Christina steals Lexi

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