Monday, March 23, 2015

The Voice: Season 8's Knockouts Begin

Team Christina: Ashley Morgan singing Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar versus Sonic singing A Woman's Worth by Alicia Keys-- Sonic had a smoother performance; I think I would choose her just based on the fact that I preferred the style and tone. Christina said Ashley has great technical ability. Christina said Sonic takes chances and runs the risk of falling short.
Should win: Sonic
Who won? Sonic

Team Blake: Sarah Potenza singing Wasted Love by Matt McAndrew versus Brian Johnson singing Nothing Ever Hurt Like You by James Morrison-- I love Brian's vocals and his tone is amazingly smooth and strong. I loved this song choice on him, it just sat in the perfect part of his voice. I loved Sarah's grit and breathy vocal, I didn't think anyone could have that combination. Adam said you were equally amazing, and I am leaving it at that because I don't wanna give Blake any help. Adam said Brian is someone who should definitely be in the live shows.
Should win: both of them, amazing
Who won? Sarah.......... can someone please steal Brian! Thank you Adam Levine! You are so smart my friend. :)

Team Adam: Clinton Washington singing Wanted by Hunter Hayes versus Nathan Hermida singing Leave Your Lover by Sam Smith-- Clinton has such a bad ass voice and his range is just off the charts. He emotes so much and so well, and I love his versatility. He should not go home after this. I liked Nathan but there were some pitch issues, and it wasn't as technically good as Clinton's performance. Blake said, Adam your team doesn't suck, they're good. Christina said Clinton I could see your growth, and Nathan I liked your courageousness. Pharrell said both of you have potential.
Should win: Clinton
Who won? Nathan

Team Pharrell: Sawyer Fredericks singing Collide by Howie Day versus Mia Z. singing Hold On I'm Coming by Sam and Dave versus Paul Pfau singing I Don't Need No Doctor by John Mayer-- I didn't love Mia's performance, yes, it was original, but I felt like the song was unrecognizable. I loved the authenticity of Paul's performance, I feel like I would hear that in a really good blues club. Sawyer's performance was little sleepy for me, I am not sure of this song choice for him. Adam said they should start a band together. Blake said he is blown away by Mia's performance. Christina said Sawyer is a genetic genius with his vocal ability.
Should win: Mia and Paul
Who won? Sawyer and Mia

Team Blake: Meghan Linsey singing Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin versus Travis Ewing singing I Don't Wanna Be by Gavin DeGraw-- Meghan blew it out of the box with her performance. Pharrell was on his feet for good reason, I loved it. I felt like Travis gave it his all, but I don't think he was better than Meghan. Pharrell said, Travis I just met you, that awesome; Meghan you sang that song in a way that proves your worthiness. Blake said Travis figures out a way to compete no matter what, and Blake said he is proud to see how far Meghan has come.
Should win: both but Meghan has the edge.
Who won? Meghan

Team Christina: Kimberly Nichole singing If You Love Somebody (Set Them Free) by Sting versus Koryn Hawthorne singing Try by Pink-- I loved Kimberly's performance, it was a soulful vocal with a lot of confidence and she reminded me of Fantasia Barrino. Koryn was great too, her voice was impactful and the performance had so much passion. Adam said Koryn that was the best performance you've given so far. Blake said, Kimberly, you had so much fun, and Koryn, your performance was intense.
Should win: both!
Who won? Kimberly......... but Pharrell stole Koryn

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