Monday, March 9, 2015

The Voice Season 8: The Blinds Come to a Close and Battles Begin

Nathan Hermida sang Sure Thing by Miguel-- Surprisingly smooth voice, love this song, he's good, and Adam turned immediately followed by Christina.I cannot believe his is 17. Adam said smoothest run I have heard, that was amazing. Christina said it was sexy and his rhythm was seductive. Adam said you sing well and you play the guitar, that was flawless, and I think you're gonna be in the finals.
Nathan chose Adam

Paul Pfau sang Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra-- Christina said you're Pharrell's dream, and Adam couldn't turn around cause his team is full. Blake and Pharrell turned around. Paul sounded good, he has a lot of experience, and said that he met Adam ten years ago, and had a demo cd to give his and he chickened out.
Paul chose Pharrell

Gaia Golden sang Red by Taylor Swift-- No one turned. I didn't love her rendition of the song.

Vance Smith sang Reach Out I'll Be Out There by The Four Tops-- Vance is someone who has definite potential, but needs some work. He was pitchy at points. Pharrell said the same things I did. Christina said I felt you were having a good time, and I would love to work with you.
Vance chose Christina

Caitlin Caporale sang Impossible by Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys-- Christina was feeling so bad that she couldn't turn around on this, but Caitlin was amazing. Her voice and vocals were on point. Blake said he is looking at someone who can win the voice this year. Pharrell said some people annoy me with what they do, but you graciously directed the notes. Blake said he can coach her even though he is a country singer.
Caitlin chose Pharrell

Hannah Kirby sang The Letter by The Box Tops-- Pharrell said you are like a siren the way you hit that high note at the end. I think Hannah was just okay for me. She seemed a little bit shouty throughout the performance. She could potentially get better. Blake turned around and made her the last member of Team Blake
Blake chose Hannah


Team Pharrell: Ashley Morgan versus Mia Z. sang Put the Gun Down by ZZ Ward-- Adam said it's like choosing between pancakes and waffles. I thought Ashley had the stronger vocal like Christina said, technically she is stronger. Blake said he couldn't choose, and was deadlocked. All the coaches are in and trying to steal Ashley. Adam said I want you on my team cause you have to do a lot more work to get to the end of this thing, and I think we can do it. Christina said she is the only coach who said Ashley is the winner. I am shocked frankly that Pharrell chose Mia.
Pharrell chose Mia and Christina stole Ashley
I would have chose Ashley

Team Adam: James McNeice versus Tanya Boyd Cannon sang P.Y.T. by Michael Jackson-- I knew Tanya had it, but I am most impressed with James, he had some soul in this. I think he really hung in there with Tanya cause she has such a big voice. Blake said, Tanya your voice is so big, it's unbelievable, but James you stepped up to the plate. Christina said you brought the energy and the fun. She said she'd pick Tonya but James put in a valiant effort. Adam said, I always say make it hard for me, and you guys did.
Adam chose Tonya

Team Blake: Brian Johnson versus Joshua Davis- sang Knockin' on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan-- These guys are both putting a lot of heart and emotion into this performance. Joshua has that more raspy rugged voice whereas Brian has a smoother voice. They compliment each other so well, both clearly deserve to move on, and they are harmonizing beautifully. Adam is on his feet, as is Blake. Christina thought Joshua's tone and Brian's tone are both beautiful. Pharrell said he couldn't pick either. Adam said they're not choosing because one of you is going to be stolen. Blake said for me, moving forward, the winner is Brian. Adam chose Joshua and said, hurry up and get out of here before someone else tries to take you.
Blake chose Brian and Adam stole Joshua

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