Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Night Two of the Blinds on The Voice Season 8

Anthony Riley sang I Feel Good by James Brown-- Anthony has a great voice, and that was made very clear when all four coaches turned around almost immediately. Anthony comes across to me like one of those old school Motown performers and as good as his voice is, his personality and charm is just as electric. Blake told Anthony he is not in over his head and loved watching his whole performance. Christina said he worked the audience. Pharrell said he is electric. Adam said the hardest thing to do is stay hot, and he can help him do that.
Anthony chose Pharrell

Gabriel Wolfchild sang Don't Think Twice by Bob Dylan-- Everyone turned except Pharrell. Adam said, you're the coolest dude ever. Blake said you're creative, you don't sing into peoples' ears, you sing into their heart. Christina said you'd be one of a kind for me. Gabriel said he would have picked Pharrell if he got four chairs. Pharrell told him to go with his spirit. Gabriel's performance didn't excite me, but I will say that I heard every single thing he said, and his performance was emotional.
Gabriel chose Christina

Brooke Adee sang Skinny Love by Birdy-- Adam and Blake turned almost right away. This girl has a great quality in her voice, I love her tone. There was shades of Sara McLachlan, but yet there was something about her that was so original, and the fact that she is 16 is crazy. Blake said you amaze me, you're a future star. Adam said that was an amazing performance, and I can't let Blake take you.The audience was chanting for Blake.
Brooke chose Blake

Dylan Dunlap sang Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo-- No one turned, it was the wrong song to flip. Too risky, it didn't sound good.

Tonya Boyd Cannon sang Happy by Pharrell-- I loved Tonya! She just sold the song, her personality was so great, and it just made me happy to watch her up on stage performing. Christina said you're awesome and I'm ready. Pharrell said I love people who take chances and it would be awesome to work together. Adam said there was 58 seconds between when I pushed my button and they pushed theirs, don't go with me, I think you should.
Tonya chose Adam

Joe Tolo sang To Love Somebody by The Bee Gees-- Christina and Blake turned. I didn't love the song, but I think Joe has talent. Christina said let's do this together, I want to win with you. Christina asked what kind of music he wants to sing, and he said soul, and Adam said I'm pretty sure Blake doesn't even have a soul.
Joe chose Christina

Drew Parker sang Workin' Man Blues by Merle Haggard-- I was surprised no one turned on this. Drew seems like such a nice guy with a great voice, I hope he comes back.

Mia Z sang The Thrill is Gone by BB King-- I thought she deserved a four chair turn. Only Blake and Pharrell turned. This girl has a ridiculous voice, and I loved the song she chose, wow! Blake said I never heard a performance like that. Pharrell said your range is insane. Blake said I am desperate for you to be on my team.
Mia chose Pharrell

Blaze Johnson sang How to Save a Life by The Fray-- Adam turned followed by Adam. I like Blaze's vocal, it's strong. Blake said I think you would be great on my team, and when you become famous, you can be your own security. Adam said you exist outside the box, I think you're astounding.
Blaze chose Adam

Bryan Piece sang Rocket Man by Elton John-- No one turned around. I feel like there was a lot of good and bad parts of that performance.

Deanna Johnson sang All I Want by Kodaline-- It was a four chair turn. Deanna's voice is haunting. Blake said that there is no one like her. Pharrell said I wasn't here when you came the first time, and I never would have let you go. Adam said I love that you came back and got four chairs to turn around.
Deanna chose Adam

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