Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Voice Season 7: The Knockouts Continue to Amaze

Team Gwen's Taylor John Williams singing Mad World by Tears for Fears versus Troy Ritchie singing Hey Ya by Outkast-- I absolutely loved Troy's performance, that was ridiculous, his vocals were right on. I liked how it started slow and then exploded into a party anthem. I agree with Blake that Troy won that. I think technically Taylor knows more who he is as an artist but that doesn't take away from the degree of difficulty that Troy put forth.  Adam said Troy you were amazing, funny, and cold; it was bold. Taylor, my mind was blown. Blake said, Troy you were so much fun and technically is was a harder song, I give it to you. Pharrell said that Troy showed character, and Taylor your performance was so hypnotic, the runs seemed like they were part of the song.
My opinion: Troy with a steal for Taylor
Winner: Taylor, so sad Troy didn't move on :-(

Team Adam's Alessandra Castronovo singing Next to Me by Emili Sande versus Mia Pffierrman singing Human by Christina Perry-- For me, Mia won this hands down. I felt like she was more connected with her song and she took all Taylor Swift's notes in rehearsal well. Blake liked Mia's song selection, and I was shocked Blake would go with Alessandra. Adam said he is proud of Alessandra, and Mia is more polished and comfortable and further along in knowing who she wants to be.
My opinion: Mia
Winner: Mia

Team Pharrell's Elyjuh Rene singing With You by Chris Brown versus Ricky Manning singing Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus-- I loved Elyjuh's performance, his tone is just amazing. What he did with the song was give a masterclass in singing and tone. His signature was all over it with the scatting and flourishes that he added in throughout the performance. Ricky's performance was powerful, I wasn't expecting all that from him, pleasantly surprised. I want both to move on! Adam said a star is bring born about Ricky. Pharrell said because there is more work to be done, I am going with Elyjuh. Someone steal Ricky! Gwen stole Ricky and said, I feel like I might have just won The Voice.
My opinion: Both
Winner: Elyjuh, with a steal from Gwen for Ricky....... Nice!

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