Monday, November 3, 2014

The Final Knock Out Rounds Take Place on The Voice: Season 7

Team Blake's Allison Bray singing Sin Wagon by The Dixie Chicks versus Taylor Brashears singing Landslide by Fleetwood Mac-- Gwen thought that they were equally talented but she would lean toward Taylor because of her tender tone. Adam said he would lean toward Allison because she made him believe in a song that he had never heard before. I wasn't completely sold on either lady, although I would give it to Allison because she had more conviction.

My opinion: Allison
Winner: Taylor

Team Gwen's Ryan Sill singing Miss Independent by Neyo versus Beth Spangler singing Too Little Too Late by Jojo-- I was so impressed with Ryan, he really listened to Gwen and Taylor Swift. He also sounded really good, I loved the falsetto notes he was hitting towards the end of the song, it was so masculine. I thought that Beth's song choice was excellent, she had some great runs, but she didn't beat Ryan. Adam liked Ryan's ease, rhythm, and tone. Blake said dead tie, and Pharrell agreed. He said that Ryan needs to emote more and emphasize how tough what he is doing is, and he said that Beth is less of an R&B artist and more of a country artist.

My opinion: Ryan
Winner: Ryan

Team Pharrell's Jean Kelly singing Chandlier by Sia versus Menlik Zergabachew singing Could You Be Loved by Bob Marley-- Menlik completely committed to that performance, he sang like he really had something to say, and I believed him. Jean's performance had so much sheer emotion, there was so much passion behind her words. It was gorgeous. Gwen thought Jean's performance was haunting and intense. She thought Menlik showed growth and his personality came out and she heard things that she never knew he had. Adam said he feels anxiety and relief when Jean sings, and felt that Jean and Menlik both have something special. Blake said he loves when Menlik performs and loves how dramatic Jean is when she performs but he would choose Menlik.

My opinion: I cannot choose, I really want both of them to go through for completely different reasons.
Winner: Jean (I think Menlik will get signed, amazing reggae artist)

Team Adam's Blessing Offor singing Your Body is a Wonderland by John Mayer versus Chris Jamison singing Sitting on the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding-- I loved Blessing's performance because he did change the song a great deal, but for me Chris won this with the power behind his performance. He continues to impress me each time he sings. He continues to grow which is important to do in a competition like this. Blake said there is something special about Blessing. Pharrell thought Blessing had the crowd going, but he would give it to Chris because he didn't expect that out of him. Gwen loved the way he changed the song, and was impressed with how Chris modernized the song he did. Adam said Blessing can sing anything. He said Chris's song choice was courageous, and he would almost expect their song choices to be flipped.

My opinion: Chris
Winner: Chris

Adam chose Matt McAndrew singing Drops of Jupiter by Train. He competed against Rebekah Samarin.

Team Blake's Grant Ganzer singing Apologize by One Republic versus Reagan James singing Hit Em' Up Style by Blu Cantrell-- Gwen thought that what Grant did was so tough going from high to low. She cautioned Reagan to be herself. Adam said he really liked Grant and thought he was very much like him at that age. Blake said Grant doesn't sound like anyone else. Blake said Reagan is artistic and he wishes he were more like that. I actually leaned more towards Grant in this because I liked that sheer rock power that he showed, and I think that's who he wants to be. Reagan is beyond her years and obviously ready to take it to the next level.

My opinion: Grant
Winner: Reagan

Team Gwen's Anita Antoinette singing Rude by Magic versus Craig Wayne Boyd singing Can't You See by The Marshall Tucker Band-- Adam loved how masculine the song was and he wrestled it to the ground. He loved seeing Anita's growth from the previous season. Blake thought that both Craig and Anita did a great job. I loved the flavor that Anita injected into the performance, she just had so much sass and attitude. The song suited her well, but the way she changed it made it amazing. Craig's performance was so strong, I love the authenticity behind his musical style, the control in his voice and the rock runs, wow! Love both of them and hope Craig gets stolen back by Blake.

My opinion: both
Winner: Anita, and Craig gets stolen back by Blake

Teams for the LIVE Shows:

Team Adam:
Chris Jamison
Matt McAndrew
Mia Pfirrman
Taylor Phelan

Team Gwen:
Anita Antoinette
Ricky Manning 
Bryana Salaz
Ryan Sill 
Taylor John Williams

Team Pharrell:
Sugar Jones
Jean Kelly
Elyjuh Rene
Danica Shirley
Luke Wade

Team Blake: 
Craig Wayne Boyd
Taylor Brashears
James David Carter
Regan James
Jessie Pitts

Cannot wait to see the LIVE shows!

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