Monday, November 10, 2014

The Voice Season 7: The Live Shows Team Adam and Team Blake

From Team Blake: Taylor Brashears sang Long Time Gone by The Dixie Chicks-- Adam liked her confidence that is so cool to watch. Pharrell likes that she is a nostalgic throw back style to her, and Gwen talked about her effortlessness. Blake said her personality comes together with her voice and her sound, I actually really liked this. I found Taylor a little bit weak in past rounds but she came out and proved why she deserves to be in the lives.

From Team Adam: Chris Jamison sang Don't by Ed Sheeran-- Blake thought he did a great job. Pharrell liked his performance. Gwen likes the way he performs and uses his body up on the stage. Adam liked the way he contained the song and how controlled and balanced that it was. I loved Chris because I can recognize just from listening to that song on the radio how difficult it is to sing; he did it justice. Chris also has his own style which is refreshing, I can hear him on the radio now.

From Team Blake: Jessie Pitts sang Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler-- Adam said she has a lot to be proud of. I wasn't too thrilled about this performance, it was a little bit old fashioned for me

From Team Blake: James David Carter sang Two of a Kind by Garth Brooks-- Pharrell said you owned the performance, I loved it. Gwen said your voice is so beautiful you already sound like you recorded. Your face is working the room, you're natural and professional. Adam said congratulations, another great one, Blake's an idiot but you're awesome. Blake said I can always count on you to be my rock, you always do great. I loved this song choice for James, and agreed with Gwen's comment, he does sound like he has already recorded. His voice is so perfect.

From Team Adam: Matt McAndrew sang God Only Knows by The Beach Boys-- Blake said that was sung perfectly. Pharrell said that was awesome, Brian Wilson fans and Matt McAndrew fans are super pleased. Gwen said it's a risky song and you have so much personality and uniqueness. Adam said you're fearless, unique, sincere, and you blow me away every time, you're just incredible. Again, another great song choice. Matt's voice was so clear in this performance. I loved what he did with the song, he stayed try to the style but put his own signature on it.

From Team Blake: Reagan James sang Try by Colbie Caillat-- Gwen said it touched her that Reagan listened to her, and she loved how she sang and played the guitar effortlessly. Blake said you're one of the most important artists we've ever had on The Voice. Thank you for bringing that type of emotion to this show. I thought it was a heart felt and sincere performance. I thought that it could have been her song, the lyrics fit her well, nice song choice Blake!

From Team Adam: Taylor Phelan sand Cool Kids by Echosmith-- Pharrell said he is so proud of Taylor. Adam said you keep impressing everybody and I cannot even believe that you were available for me to steal. This song was Taylor's wheelhouse, it expressed who he is as an artist.

From Team Adam: Mia Pffirrman sang Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Ray-- Blake said your voice is perfect for that type of performance. You held it together. Pharrell said you were the star of that performance and it was your essence. Adam said Mia was so receptive to what he told her. He could hear the tone of her voice and is super amazed with what she did. You should be super confident and happy about what happened. I loved the way that Mia made this a very sweeping version of the song. It was totally gorgeous.

From Team Adam: Damien sang I'm Not the Only One by Sam Smith-- Blake said you can combine a soft smooth voice with power and range. He said great song choice. Pharrell said your voice goes up and down, it's amazing. Gwen said you have truth in you that is speaking to everyone, you're amazing. I'm blessed to sit and watch that. Adam said the whole country felt that performance. Damien took it to a whole other level, everyone should honestly be on their feet. This guy has such emotion every time he comes out and performs, it's just not real.

From Team Blake: Craig Wayne Boyd sang Some Kind of Wonderful by Gerry Goffin-- Pharrell said I told you when I met you stay on your path, keep going. Gwen said you look awesome, you sounded amazing. Blake thought it was the performance of the night, there was so much power, muscle, and stage presence. I can't believe I got the chance to have you back, you beat the odds every time. I love how Craig is so original and he marches to his own beat, it's truly awesome. His voice does have just so much power in it.


Team Adam:
Top 2: Matt McAndrew and Damien
Adam will save-- Wowza, toss up between Chris and Mia. I'd go with Chris

Team Blake:
Top 2: Reagan James and James David Carter
Blake will save-- Craig Wayne Boyd, he's not losing him twice

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