Monday, November 24, 2014

The Voice Season 7: The Top Ten Sing and Rock It

Team Adam-- Advisor: Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy
Team Gwen-- Advisor: Christina Aguilera
Team Blake-- Advisor: Colbie Caillat
Team Pharrell-- Advisor: Diana Ross

Team Adam: Matt McAndrew sang Fix You by Coldplay-- Matt has such serious rock star qualities, and I loved how he brought the audience into his performance. His voice was powerful at points, but then he got quiet and the dynamics were unreal. Blake said you're so good, you have drama, range, and stage presence. Pharrell said I know you're a star. Gwen thought the last note was amazing. Adam said you can do everything, but you're so humble and talented.

Team Gwen: Anita Antoinette sang Let Her Go by Passenger-- Little bit of a weird song choice, I thought it was weird how they played up a reggae vibe with this. It was too bouncy. Pharrell said the way to shine is to just have fun. I can agree with Gwen that she did make the song her own, I just feel like it took away from the meaning of the song. 

Team Adam: Damien sang You and I by Stevie Wonder-- This was another solid Damien performance. My only critique at this point in the game is that I would like to see Damien change it up because I know he can sing this kind of song. Stevie is a great choice for him because Damien can keep up with that. All the coaches were on their feet and Adam said he felt the audience get on board with this performance. 

Team Blake: Reagan James sang Fancy by Iggy Azalea-- Adam liked Reagan's commitment to her song, and he thought it was her best performance to date. Blake said the breathing techniques, the pocket, you were doing two people's job. I appreciate the difficult of this song, but at the same time, it wasn't one hundred percent the right choice for her. I found it messy because what she was doing was so hard. 

Team Pharrell: Luke Wade sang Try a Little Tenderness-- This wasn't his best performance, but I liked what he did with this song. I like how Luke is someone who is soulful but you don't expect it. Pharrell was on his feet at the end of the performance. Gwen liked how he worked the stage, and liked how Pharrell arranged the song for Luke.

Team Blake: Craig Wayne Boyd sang I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash-- I absolutely adore Craig as a performer. He is so true to country music, and he's just genuine and authentic in his delivery. This was an amazing take on a classic with killer vocals. Pharrell said you know who you are and you're not afraid to represent that. Gwen said you're a star and you're gonna have a whole career after this. Adam said you're so crazy good, amazing. Blake said that was magic, you deserve this moment.

Team Gwen: Ryan Sill sang Starlight by Muse-- Ryan continues to impress me, this was another impressive performance. The song choice was so right for him, and his vocals were strong. Adam said you were in the bottom three last week, I don't think you deserved it. I feel like you're figuring out who you are, and you're going to continue to have a career after this. Blake felt like it might have been his best performance yet. Pharrell called him the most improved performer. Gwen felt like he is blossoming as an artist before our eyes, and she's so proud of him.  

Team Pharrell: DaNica Shirey sang I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston-- DaNica seemed so passionate about singing this song, but some reason it seemed like the music was off when she entered the song. She might have entered a shade too early. It's almost like she was so eager to start that it wasn't spot on. Blake and Pharrell were on their feet. Gwen said it was fun to watch. Blake said this is the best live show I've ever seen, the performances are unbelievable. That's a big song and you just killed it. Pharrell said every week she continues to ascend and he is so happy for her.

Team Gwen: Taylor John Williams sang Come Together by The Beatles-- Everything about this performance was genius. I could not take my eyes off him. His style and attitude, the way he styled his vocals and made the verses characters was so perfect. This is the optimal example of picking a song that fits you. Adam said nice to see the beastly dude come out, and I love that song. Blake said I loved seeing another side of you tonight. Pharrell said, bro, one of the craziest performances we've seen, rock-star. Gwen said I was so worried and I didn't want you to do that song, but you just have such an instinct about yourself. If I was 15 right now, you'd be all over my locker. You're not even wearing socks right now, that's how cute you are.

Team Adam: Chris Jamison sang Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson-- The performance was energetic, it was a strong vocal. There were lots of vocal acrobats in there, the dips into his falsetto were awesome. Blake said the atmosphere was great and you did a great job of staying up to that energy level, he thought he sounded great. Pharrell said he shows that he wants this, and he took it higher than before. Gwen liked how he worked the whole stage and felt he had good rhythm. Adam said Bruno is incredible and the song hearkens to a different time, and he thought Chris did awesome. 

Look for DaNica, Damien, Anita, and Reagan to be in the bottom-- the rest are moving on for sure. 

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