Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Voice Season 7: The Top 12 Revealed

Team Blake
Reagan James
Craig Wayne Boyd
Jessie Pitts – Coaches save
Team Pharrell
Luke Wade
DaNica Shirey
Sugar Joans – Coaches save
Team Gwen
Taylor John Williams
Anita Antoinette
Ryan Sill – Coaches save
Team Adam
Matt McAndrew
Chris Jamison – Coaches Save
Shocks of the night--
I'm surprised that Blake saved Jessie Pitts instead of James David Carter
I'm surprised that Pharrell saved Sugar instead of Elyjuh
Team Gwen, all is well, this is who I expected to move on
I actually agree with Adam's team despite the fact that the public thought Taylor Phelan should move on instead of Chris Jamison

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