Monday, December 1, 2014

The Voice Season 7: The Top 8 Rise to the Challenge and Then Some

Team Gwen: Ryan Sill sang Open Arms by Journey-- I like Ryan, and I admire his fight. The runs were strong, but the performance overall was a little bit sleepy. It was almost like he didn't know what to do with the middle of the song. Adam thought he killed it and hasn't deserved to be in the bottom three. Blake thought it was his best performance yet. Pharrell said he continues to improve. Gwen said she is so proud of him and he deserves to be here. 

Team Blake: Craig Wayne Boyd sang Take it Easy by The Eagles-- Craig is a seasoned performer; he got the crowd going like a pro. The performance was not lazy by any means, the vocal was strong, and it's like this was his song, and he's been performing it his whole life. All the coaches were on their feet. Pharrell said this is your show, people love you for being you. Gwen said I felt like I was at the country music awards, and you were a professional there. Adam said hell yea man, you have a great coach. 

Team Pharrell: DaNica Shirey sang These Dreams by Heart-- For me, this performance was not a good one, look for DaNica to possibly go home. Gwen liked the song choice for her. I actually didn't like it, her voice cracked at one spot and I didn't like it for her. Adam thought it was amazing. What is this love fest that's going on here? 

Team Adam: Damien sang Someone Like You by Adele-- All the coaches are on their feet once again. Damien continues to surprise me, he was so emotional singing that yet he was so in control. It's amazing. Blake said I'd swear you were a machine if you didn't have so much passion. Pharrell said you do it every week, you paint the air with those notes. Gwen said that was so beautiful. Adam said you put so much faith and trust in me, he wanted to do this song for years, and this was his best performance yet. 

Team Adam: Chris Jamison sang Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye-- Loved this performance. He was so natural up there on the stage, his vocals were right on. The crowd was cheering like no one's business. Adam was on his feet, Gwen was blushing. Pharrell said that was your best performance on the show, you got lost in the intention of Marvin Gaye. Adam said you're like Luke Skywalker. You did Marvin Gaye's song with so much love and so much respect, and you just crushed this audience. 

Team Pharrell: Luke Wade sang Holding Back the Years by Simply Red-- I thought this was a great song choice for Luke, but I didn't care for the arrangement of the song. It did not allow Luke to showcase his voice. Adam said I'm a Luke Wade fan since day one. He said I want you to stop thinking. Blake thought it was vibey and really good, but there weren't a lot of big moments. Pharrell said I love you being on my team, and I just want to keep going with you. 

Team Gwen: Taylor John Williams sang Royals by Lorde-- I loved that performance, it was so smart, so original, and he really brought more meaning to the song. Blake said he respects how he puts his stamp on every song, and called him 150% pure artist. Pharrell said you are an original, super soulful hippie, you're something else. Gwen said I really enjoyed that, it was amazing. 

Team Adam: Matt McAndrew sang The Blowers Daughter by Damien Rice-- Matt McAndrew has continued to give strong performances throughout this entire competition and just when you think he can't take it to another level and elevate things even more, he does. His vocals and his originality are something else. All the coaches were standing once again. Blake said I have never heard that song before and I want that to be my introduction to that song, it was so good, freakin brilliant. Adam said that he adores Matt and was proud of him that he was able to exude the pain of being in a relationship in a song. 

My Top 5 Prediction (in no order): Craig Wayne Boyd, Damien, Chris Jamison, Taylor John Williams, and Matt McAndrew

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