Monday, October 20, 2014

The Voice Season 7: The Battles Are Fierce

Team Adam's Damien versus Kelli Douglas singing Knock on Wood by Eddie Floyd-- This is a tough one, I like both of them. I think Kelli took her notes from advisor Stevie Nicks. Damien sounded like an old school rhythm and blues singer. I loved his confidence and how he threw in  little embellishments along the way. Adam said he was proud of both contestants and commented on how the whole song is pocket and that's where they were. 
My opinion: Damien but someone should steal Kelli
Winner: Damien

Team Gwen's Jessie Pitts versus Ryan Sill singing I Need Your Love by Ellie Goulding and Calvin Harris-- Blake said Ryan, your pitch is perfect, and Jessie you did a hell of a job. Adam said I think this was a better song for Jessie, and I think Ryan prevailed because it was tougher for him. Gwen said you were both a pleasure to work with, your attitudes were both wonderful and you touched me in my life. I agree with Adam, I think Jessie went in as the front runner, and Ryan really showed himself. He stepped up, and the song was tougher for him. I don't think it discounts Jessie's talent though.   
My opinion: Ryan with a steal for Jessie
Winner: Ryan, and Blake stole Jessie

Team Pharrell's Blessing Offor versus Katriz Trinidad singing Do I Do by Stevie Wonder-- Hearing that song, there was lots of interesting stuff going on. It made me want to listen to the original. Adam told Katriz she rose to the challenge. Blake said it says a lot that Pharrell handed you both that piece of music. Pharrell thought they were both winners but he went with Katriz. 
My opinion: Katriz, and another steal
Winner: Katriz, Adam and Gwen both went for the steal with Blessing, Blessing chose Adam

Team Adam's Ethan Butler versus Matt McAndrew singing Yellow by Coldplay-- These two sound like a dream in rehearsal. I almost wish that they were not going up against each other cause I'd like to see both of them come out of this. I can tell that both of these guys are giving this performance everything they have because they truly love their craft. It was one of my favorite battles, I don't care what the coaches say. Blake said you guys could be a duo, you work that well together. Pharrell said Matt, it's your wheelhouse but Ethan, you surprised verme. The way you approached the top note was different for both of you, but equally beautiful. Gwen said, Matt you're magical and Ethan you took it like a man considering it was so out of your zone. 
My opinion: Can they become a duo?
Winner: Matt

Team Blake's Bree Fondacaro versus Taylor Brashears singing You're No Good by Linda Ronstadt-- Blake said Bree's lower register is hypnotic and Taylor's higher voice is impressive. Blake chose Taylor to move forward. I think I agree. I was unsure who I would choose but I think Taylor could turn into a solid country singer. Pharrell liked Taylor's confidence and old soul. 
My opinion: Taylor
Winner: Taylor 

Team Pharrell's Danica Shirley versus Toia Jones singing Halo by Beyonce-- Blake said Toia was incredible. Adam said it was like they slayed a dragon and then they knocked it out. Pharrell said both of them let go, and put everything out there. He said he wishes he could choose both of them. I would choose Toia because I felt like her voice was so expressive. 
My opinion: Toia
Winner: Danica, Adam and Gwen got in on the steal for Toia, and she chose Adam because he turned for her in the blinds. 

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