Monday, October 5, 2015

The Last Night of the Blinds: Season 9 The Voice

Dustin Christensen sang Downtown Train by Rod Stewart-- Blake told Dustin that they are the same person. I liked Dustin's voice, there was somewhat of an old school, vintage quality to it. Dustin said that he had to go with his gut and he chose Blake.
Dustin chose Blake

Berdine Joseph sang Hey Mama by Nicki Minaj-- I liked the flavor she added to the song. Berdine has a definite style, I think she could benefit from one on one training from a coach, but I like her. No one turned, so sad.

Dustin Monk sang Bright Lights by Gary Clark Jr.-- It's a Blake and Adam battle. This is another guy I liked. Adam said he liked everything in his voice. Blake said I am a fan of yours. I agree with Gwen, I loved his vibratto and the fact that it is natural is amazing. He sounded good.
Dustin chose Adam

Chase Kerby sang The Scientist by Coldplay-- I cannot believe that Gwen is the only chair who turned for Chase. I thought he had a strong sound and tone. Blake says Chase is with the right person in Gwen. Gwen calls his voice special.

Dawson Daugherty sang Problem by Ariana Grande-- No one turned for Dawson. I liked him, but I didn't think this was the right song choice. Maybe someone should have given him a chance and asked him to sing something else?

Shelby Brown sang Stars by Grace Potter-- I cannot believe that this young woman is 16! She is so amazing, her voice is so mature and experienced. Adam is pitching this last spot on his team to Shelby. Gwen said she sounds like she has so much experience. Blake said he wants to download her version right now. He loved her pitch.
Shelby chose Adam

Amy Vachal sang Dream a Little Dream-- Adam's team is full so all three remaining judges turn. I like Amy, but not as much as the coaches seem to. I hope she proves me wrong. She definitely seems like she would be great with Pharrell or Gwen. I liked her tone, and the fact that this seems effortless to her. Adam says he would have turned if his team wasn't full. Blake thinks she is a superstar and Adam thinks she could win the whole thing.
Amy chose Pharrell

Blaine Mitchell sang Drops of Jupiter by Train-- I wasn't that impressed, but nonetheless, Blake and Gwen turned and....
Blaine chose Blake

Gwen picks up her last artist in Summer Schappell who sang Strawberry Wine by Deanna Carter-- this young woman has a great vibe and comes with some performance quality.

Pharrell picked up his last artist in Sydney Rhame who sang Photograph by Ed Sheeran-- This girl was actually really good. She can clearly sing, and it's too bad that everyone's teams are fill except Pharrell.

My Faves Tonight? Shelby Brown, Sydney Rhame, and Chase Kerby

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