Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Night 4 of The Blinds on The Voice Season 9

Darius Scott sang You Make Wanna by Usher-- I think Darius has a good voice, but not a great voice. I liked when he got towards the middle of the song, the vocal embellishments were interesting. Adam turned followed by Gwen and Pharrell. Gwen said she's had the longest career and he should pick her cause she's going to help him.
Darius chose Pharrell

Korin Bukowski sang Cecilia and The Satellite by Andrew McMahon-- Gwen was the only one who turned around. I liked this girl, and I think she is so different that she might do well. The trouble I have with her is that I think, based on that performance, that her voice is just average.
Gwen chose Korin

Krista Hughes sang Angel from Montgomery by -- All four of them turned around and rightfully so, this girl has an amazing voice. I think Blake is right, she could potentially win this thing.  Adam thought she was flawless. Pharrell said he takes his hat off to her. Blake said I take nothing for granted. Blake told her to pick him because he knows and understands who her musical influences are.
Krista chose Blake

Janae Strothers sang Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars-- No one turned. Sad face. Blake said she was having a party on stage, but he felt like she was falling out of the pocket. I agree with Blake.

Chance Pena sang I See Fire by Ed Sheeran-- Adam is the only one who turned. Adam said you guys screwed up so badly. Pharrell said he gave a flawless performance. Gwen said she has no idea why she didn't push. What I liked about Chance is the maturity in his voice and how he sounded so different.
Adam chose Chance

Viktor Kiraly sang What's Going On by Marvin Gaye-- Another four chair turner! This guy impressed me, I was smiling throughout the performance cause he was so good. His dynamics were good, and just when I thought he reached as high as he could in that song, he took it to another level. Adam turned at the beginning and he was trying to keep a poker face, but he said it didn't work because he was so good. Adam told him that he could win this entire thing. Blake asked if he performs a lot, and called him a phenomenal singer and said he could win this thing. He said he may not be the obvious choice and Adam said, certainly not. Pharrell liked his voice paired with his personality. Gwen liked the richness in his voice.
Viktor chose Adam

Julie Broadus sang Brand New Key by Melanie-- No one turned. Blake liked the vintage sound of her voice. Gwen encouraged her to come back and said she would recognize her voice.

Cole Criske sang Dreaming with a Broken Heart by John Mayer-- The fact that he is 16 and sang with that much conviction and sincerity is amazing. He got Gwen, Pharrell, and Blake to turn. Blake said he has recorded with Xena and he's won The Voice four times. Gwen spoke about "Tragic Kingdom" and how tragedy in her life inspired her to write that album. Pharrell said he'd love the opportunity to work with him.
Cole chose Blake

Alex Kandel sang Bright by Echosmith-- I actually really like this girl. She has a lot of personality and it really came out in her vocal and in her performance. Gwen liked the character in her voice. Adam felt like it started out so strong and the vocal only needed small tweaks.
Alex chose Gwen

Celeste Betton sang Love You I Do by Jennifer Hudson-- I liked her, there were some small weird things in there that need to be taken care of but it is nothing Pharrell won't be able to fix. Pharrell said she is great and amazing. He said he pushed his button because of the ambition she had.
Pharrell chose Celeste

Andi & Alex sang Thank You by Dido-- All four chairs turned and all four coaches were on their feet. This interpretation of the song was so inspiring. Adam said you're one of the most perfectly fitting duos I've ever heard. That was astonishing. Blake said, oh my God, that was phenomenal, I'm the only person that has taken a duo to the finale. Gwen said obviously that version came from you guys and it was super creative, we'd be an amazing team. Pharrell said I would consider working with you another lesson.
Andi & Alex picked Adam

Faves of the night: Viktor Kiraly, Cole Criske, Alex Kandel, and Alex & Andi

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