Monday, September 28, 2015

Night 3 of The Blinds on The Voice Season 9

Morgan Frazier sang I Want You to Want Me by Cheap Trick-- Gwen turned right at the beginning and Blake turned right at the end. She is definitely a country singer. Gwen liked the honesty in her voice. Adam said you did a cheap trick song which means you think outside the box. Blake called her voice fragile and powerful. Adam urged her to listen to her mind and not her heart. LOL! I loved this performance, it was everything that Gwen and Blake said. I really enjoyed her creativity, and her voice is soft but there's a confidence in it that is not deniable.
Morgan chose Blake

Amanda Ayala sang Mississippi Queen by Mountain-- This young lady reminds me a little bit of Avril Lavigne. The guys turned. Amanda is only 17, it's amazing that she has the maturity and tone in her voice. Pharrell asked her if she would like to take it to the next level. Blake said it's great that she loves classic rock. Adam said she never gave up on that last note, and he wants to help her progress.
Amanda chose Adam

Jeffrey Austin sang Lay Me Down by Sam Smith-- He has a strong voice, and this is my fave Sam Smith song, this was butter. Gwen was the only one who turned , and the guys are stupid. I cannot believe that they didn't turn. Jeffrey said Adam's concert was his first concert, and Adam said, I feel double stupid now.
Gwen chose Jeffrey

Lyndsey Elm sang Lips are Movin' by Meghan Trainor-- I liked Lyndsey but didn't feel this was worthy of a four chair turn. Towards the middle to the end of the song, she seemed to lose some control over her vocal. I think she's talented, but she'll have to watch this carefully if she advances. Pharrell is trying to relate to the songwriter in her. Adam said she is the girl version of him, and called him a badass. Blake liked where she took the song.
Lyndsey chose Gwen

Joe Maye sang Word Up by Cameo-- Pharrell said he has a super soulful voice, and he loved that song. Adam said he shouldn't have moved around as much and should have dug into the vocal. No one turned. I found the vocal a little too affected. I think he should work on the things the coaches said and come back.

Manny Cabo sang Here I Go Again by White Snake-- Yes, this was 4 chair worthy! Manny has an awesome rocker voice. Blake said you turned this place into a hair band. Blake said I don't trust grown men who roll up their jeans. You seem like a man's man and I want a man. Pharrell said your voice just kept going in different directions, we haven't heard a voice with your dynamics in a long time. Gwen liked how well he controlled his voice. Adam said your voice ignites me because that's where I come from. You brought me back to the roots of where everything started for me.
Manny chose Adam

Madi Davis sang It's Too Late by Carole King-- Gwen and Pharrell turned. I wasn't a huge fan of the song or of the vocal.
Madi chose Pharrell

Caleb Lee Hutchinson sang The Dance by Garth Brooks-- Adam said you would have whooped my 16  year old ass. Blake said you're the real deal, you were just a little bit under. Pharrell told him to come back to the show again.

Riley Biedier sang Invincible by Kelly Clarkson, and went to Team Pharrell
Cassandra Robertson sang Ghosts by Ella Henderson and went to Team Adam
Daria Jazmin sang Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor and went to Team Pharrell

Chris Crump sang Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran-- Amazingly well deserved four chair turn; Chris has such a pure, sincere, and strong voice. I loved this performance from start to finish. Blake said there was a warmth to your voice that made you sound emotional. I may not seem like the obvious choice to you but I am. Pharrell said there were some small things he may need to work on.
Chris chose Blake

Tyler Dickerson sang Hard to Handle by The Black Crows-- Wow, Blake was the only one to turn, I thought this young man had a ridiculous vocal. Pharrell said his vocal was so clean. I am so impressed with Tyler, I actually thought his vocal was better than the original. Blake knew Tyler from in and around Nashville. He said they were calling him the next Travis Tritt. So amazing that Tyler gets another chance, he has such a touching story.
Blake chose Tyler

Jubal and Amanda sang Seven Bridges Road by The Eagles-- These two were so fun and so good.  think they were so surprised to see coaches turn for them. Pharrell and Gwen turned. Pharrell wants to see what he can do to add to what they already have going on.
Jubal and Amanda chose Pharrell who is excited to have his first duo on Team Pharrell

Could it be that this is the year of the guy on The Voice? My faves tonight were Jeffrey Austin, Manny Cabo, and Tyler Dickerson .... all had great strong voices.

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