Monday, September 21, 2015

The Voice: Season 9 is On Fire!

Mark Hood sang Use Me by Bill Withers-- All four coaches turned around. I loved his soul and how he made the song his own. Pharrell mentioned the jazz embellishments that he sang throughout the song. Blake put on the same hat as Pharrell in the hopes that Mark would choose him. What was telling is that Mark said he wants to be John Legend meets Pharrell.
Mark chose Pharrell

Kota Wade sang Bring it on Home to Me by Sam Cooke-- Everyone but Adam turned. Her voice sounded like it had a country quality to it, and I think that is probably why it was so appealing to Blake. She did have a Gwen Stefani vibe though and she is in a rock group, so it seems logical for her to choose Gwen.
Kota chose Gwen

Keith Semple sang I'll Be There for You by Bon Jovi-- I love Keith, what an amazing rock voice! His voice is so strong and there's so much credibility when he sings the lyrics. Adam name dropped Bono, and Blake said, come on Gwen, say something quick. Adam loved Keith's powerful voice, and thinks he belongs on his team; I agree! Gwen said what he has is very melodic and it's very different from what is on the radio today.
Keith chose Adam

Alyssa Sheridan sang I Will Remember You by Sara McLachlan-- No one turned, and sadly, it's because the performance was too sleepy. The song was not right, it was not interesting enough.

Siahna Im sang Fever by Peggy Lee-- This young lady is poised beyond her years. Her voice and her soul is completely on point; she is right, she's an old soul for sure. Everyone but Adam turned around. Blake said it is incredible that she is 15 years old. Gwen said she turned right when she heard her voice. Pharrell said regardless of what happens, you're new and different,  I wanted you on my team. Blake said there's something special about you to be able to connect with that song at that age. I think she should choose Blake, he is good at fostering young talent.
Siahna chose Pharrell

Jordan Smith sang Chandelier by Sia-- So unexpected to see that voice coming out of this young man. I like the little imperfections in his voice. I also like how he went up and down, his range was really good, and the things that he did were so difficult. Pharrell said all your individuality is coming out now. Adam said that you chose a song that is technically very difficult and you got better as the song went along and as coaches turned. Blake said he thinks he is the best coach for him. Adam said the world needs a person like you, you're probably one of the most important people that has ever been on this show.
Jordan chose Adam

Dr. Paul sang Mama Tried by Merle Haggard-- Blake loved his tone, but felt like he went flat at the end of phrases. He told him to come back. No one turned. I actually liked him.

Nadjah Nicole sang Tight Rope By Janelle Monae-- I loved this girl! Her tone, and the way she phrased everything was awesome. Adam turned first, and Blake just got in at the very end. Adam said he was blown away, and did not know what to expect when he turned around. Blake said, you could not be any cuter than you are. Blake said that is a freakin' hard song to sing, and I don't know who Janelle is, but I turned around for Nadjah.
Nadjah chose Blake

Braiden Sunshine sang The Mountains Win Again by Blues Traveler-- Pharrell and Gwen both turned at the last minute! Wow! You know what, I like this kid, but I don't think he chose the right song. It was an odd song choice. Pharrell said you're a special kid, and there will never be a voice like yours. There are a couple of things you can work on. Gwen said if you choose me you're gonna make my day. Blake said, this is like a custody battle.
Braiden chose Gwen

Michael Woolery-- Say by John Mayer-- No one turned, and I like Michael, and I liked his story, but I was not inspired by the vocal. Adam said he seemed unsure of himself, and that's what took him out of it. Pharrell said, perform for super tough crowds and get out of your own head.

Barrett Baber sang Angel Eyes by The Jeff Healey Band-- Barrett really got into the performance, and I loved it. The tone in his voice for so impressive and attractive. He deserved every single one of those four chair turns. Blake said I feel like I am watching Garth Brooks in concert right now. Barrett said he would love to do country music with some soul. Adam said Barrett could tell by his voice that he likes all kinds of music. Gwen said she grew up on blue grass and fold music. She loved the theater, personality, and his voice on that stage. Pharrell said he deserved four chairs to turn around, I support that. Blake said you and I blazing  a path, Barrett, we can do it. Adam said I want you on my team so badly, I am on fire for you.
Barrett chose Blake!

My picks for who to watch on The Voice: Mark Hood, Keith Semple, Jordan Smith, Barrett Baber

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