Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Night 2 of the Blinds and Season 9 of The Voice Continues

Blind Joe sang If It Hadn't Been for Love by The Steeldrivers-- Good for Joe, four chair turn! Adam says I am sick of losing, I want to win. Gwen said Blake is in charge of the country mafia. Gwen found Joe's performance honest and raw. That is honestly an amazing description; I loved Joe because his tone was just so warm. The song choice really suited Joe's style. Blake said he would be honored to introduce Joe to Nashville, and Adam urged Joe to shock him with his choice.
Joe chose Blake

Ivonne Acero sang Style by Taylor Swift-- Gwen and Pharrell turned. Gwen liked how creative she was, and the fact that it wasn't at all like Taylor's version. Pharrell liked her voice and how different she is. He said he made the mistake of not turning the first time, but not this time. For me, the performance grew as Ivonne sang on. At first I was disappointed hearing a totally different version of Taylor's song, but then I was pleased that she took such a stylized song and made it her own.
Ivonne chose Pharrell

Gage Navarro sang Ain't No Rest for the Wicked by Cage the Elephant-- I really liked Gage, but this song choice was too obscure. Gage wasn't coming through in the song, and that's tough because he has such an amazing story and he has been through so much, it definitely should have come through.

Regina Love sang Rock Steady-- Wow, all the coaches seemed to love her, and why not? Her voice is so powerful, she reminds me of an Aretha Franklin. Blake and Adam kept telling Regina that they loved her. They asked her what kind of music she wants to make and she said music for your soul, when you're sad, I want to make you happy. And Adam said, Regina, I'm sad. Ultimately, Adam's argument was too strong, and too good.
Regina chose Adam

Zach Seabaugh sang Take Your Time by Sam Hunt-- The guys turned; Gwen missed out, I wouldn't have. Zach had a mature voice, I thought he stood out because although he is a country artist, he had a soul vibe to him, it's the same vibe Sam Hunt has which is why it's amazing he chose that particular song. Pharrell said he'd love a shot with him, after Zach said he is a country artist. Adam asked him if he is Superman, and he wants to win The Voice with someone who is different and unexpected. He doesn't want him to get lost in country land with Blake, and Blake said Superman won't get lost.
Zach chose Blake

Evan McKeel sang Typical by Mutemath --This turned out to be a four chair turn. I didn't think it was the best song choice, and it got a little screechy at times, but it was good. I do agree with Adam, I think he improved as the song progresses. Adam said I am your man. Gwen liked his rock and pop fusion. Pharrell asked him if he would sing Stevie Wonder. He asked him his favorite song, and he said Overjoyed, and he sang it on the spot. Wow! That was beautiful, this guy is the real deal.
Evan chose Pharrell

Bryan Bautista sang Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars-- No one turned!

Emily Ann Roberts sang I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack-- Adam and Blake turned, this is going to be a duel. Adam said sometimes the thing that fits best is the most different. Adam said risks will pay off, don't let him scare you Emily. Blake said why would you choose a middleman like Adam when you can just come to my team and get advice from me. He thought Adam wouldn't know who sang the song Emily chose, but he did.  Emily has a sweet yet strong voice, I think she will do well.... I actually think that she should have chose Adam this time around.
Emily chose Blake

Ellie Lawrence sang We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off by Ella Eyre-- The intonation in her voice is crazy! She has a unique sound, and her song choice was so different, yet it worked with her cause of who she is. Adam said he would help her in the upper register of her voice. Pharrell liked the rasp in her voice. This girl is a huge Gwen fan, this is no surprise.
Ellie chose Gwen

Lightning Rounds
Noah Jackson sang Elastic Heart by Sia .... Team Gwen
Tim Atlas sang Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran..... Team Gwen
Hanna Ashbrook sang Closer.... Team Gwen

Natalie Yacovazzi sang Oh Darling by The Beatles-- No one turned, I feel like, no offense, the coaches don't turn for these traditional performances.

James Dupre sang Let Her Cry by Hootie and the Blowfish-- All four coaches turned. Adam said that none of the coaches fit into a box, and he said James does not fit into a box. Adam said, I believe you can make it the distance on my team. Blake said country music is my life, and I will make sure you end up in the wrong hands. Blake told Adam, you just completed destroyed that guys life.

Most amazing of the night! There can only be one-- Evan McKeel, this guy is the real deal, remember my words.

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