Monday, October 19, 2015

The Last Week of Battles on The Voice: Season 9

Team Blake: Blaine Mitchell versus Blind Joe singing Old Time Rock and Roll by Bob Seger-- I loved the way their personalities came out in the song. Both of them sounded great, very on point. I liked how Blind Job spoke throughout the performance. I honestly think both of these guys deserve to go forward. I also felt like both of them had a great deal of soul in their voices. Pharrell thought Blaine took it up a notch and he didn't except Joe to be as soulful as he was. Gwen loved how Blaine worked the stage, and she thinks Joe has such a gift. Adam loved how unruly the performance was, he said he loves Joe, but there was something revealing about Blaine. Blake asked Joe if he could borrow his cane to beat Adam, and he thought this was a tie.
My choice: Blaine but steal Joe
Blake's choice: Blind Joe
Someone steal Blaine! YES!!! Adam steals Blaine!

Team Adam: Cassandra Robertson versus Viktor Kiraly singing Nobody Knows by Kevin Sharpe-- I didn't love the song, but I thought these two vocalists did the best that they could with it. They blended well and made it seem easy. Blake said he is impressed with Cassandra, and he said Viktor was even more impressive for sticking with her. Pharrell said Cassandra was effortless and he would give it to her. Gwen thought Viktor had a beautiful voice, and she is blown away by Cassandra. Adam said not only are the technically amazing but they connected emotionally with the song.
My choice: Viktor
Adam's choice: Viktor

Team Gwen: Chase Kerby versus Korin Bukowski singing Samson by Regina Spektor-- Despite the fact that the song was so quiet, both of these singers were really powerful because of the performance and delivery. Adam liked Chase's falsetto and full voice but thought the transition was tough. He said Korin was gifted. Blake seemed to lean towards Chase and how emotional his voice was. Gwen found it intense, awesome, and so good.
My choice: Chase
Gwen's choice: Korin

Team Pharrell: Evan McKeel versus Riley Bieberer singing Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder-- I loved both of them, I thought they both kept making each other raise their game. It was fun to wtch. I definitely give the edge to Evan, he's not just a voice but a performer and a personality. Gwen loved Evan's presence. Adam thought both of them had triumphs but he would go with Evan. Blake loved Evan's performance but thought Riley's voice was more different.
My choice: Evan
Pharrell's choice: Evan
And Riley is stolen by Gwen! Yay!

Team Gwen: Braiden Sunshine versus Lyndsey Elm singing No One is to Blame by Howard Jones-- They were very well matched. I enjoyed both of them. Adam said you really cannot go wrong with either one of these people, no help for you Gwen. Blake said we have only seen the tip of the iceberg with Braiden, flip a coin Gwen. Pharrell said Braiden there is so much more behind you, and Lyndsey you colored the song beautifully. Gwen said Lyndsey your star came out tonight, and Braiden it's incredible to work with someone like you.
My choice: flip a coin, love them both
Gwen's choice: Braiden

Team Adam: Andi & Alex versus Chance Pena singing Wherever You Will Go by The Calling-- I love all of them, all three of them! Chance is a total heartthrob to me, I think he can go deep in this competition. Andi & Alex have something very special about them, the way they sound together is like nothing I've ever heard. Blake said he loves the sound of Chance's voice. Pharrell said when Andi & Alex sing, it is nothing short of magic. Chance you sound unbelievable and your voice lead in this performance. Gwen said you guys are magic, candy in my ears, Chance, I wish I could turn back time, I'd be losing my mind over you. Adam said Andi & Alex are so in sync, and he believes that a group should be born of the three of them.
My choice: Chance........ Andi & Alex
Adam's choice: Andi & Alex
Blake said you proved that you should be on this show, I missed it in the blinds, but I am not missing it here-- Blake stole Chance

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