Monday, March 6, 2017

The Voice Season 12 : Blind Auditions Nights 3 and 4 are HOT

Night 3:

Ashley Levin sang Let Him Fly by Patti Griffin-- Ashley has that bluesy old school voice. She got Blake and Gwen to turn at the same time, and then Alicia felt impressed and turned her chair as well.
Alicia said she felt the soul in her voice. Gwen used her connection to Blake to try and get Ashley to choose her. It's pretty clear she is going to choose Blake.
Ashley chose Blake

Brandon Royal sang Master Blaster (Jammin') by Stevie Wonder-- Brandon did a solid job, to me, his personality sold it more than his voice. Blake and Gwen turned their chairs and in the end....
Brandon chose Gwen

Adam Pierce sang A Whiter Shade of Pale-- No turns!

Julien Martinez sang Pride and Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughn-- I loved that scream at the end, and I loved that this was a battle between Blake and Adam. Adam jokingly congratulated him on not being a giant biker dude. Blake said he wants a guy with a manly rocker voice on his team.
Julien chose Adam

Quizz Swanigan sang Who's Loving You by Michael Jackson-- I think Quizz is someone who could have tons of potential. He definitely has star quality and natural talent. His song choice was perfect for him, right in his wheelhouse. Alicia and Gwen turned.
Quizz chose Alicia

Casi Joy sang Blue by Leann Rimes-- Casi just impressed me on the first note. To be able to sing like that, and have mastered the yodeling part of the song perfectly is a true gift. Everyone turned and rightfully so. Gwen said she is always gonna remember that performance and that The Voice has been so inspirational to her. Adam said I would leap over the moon and back for you but because you're voice is truly rooted in country music I am not going to get my hopes up. Alicia tells Casi to focus on her and Gwen. Blake said I took some time to turn because I know that song so well, it's an instant classic. Adam said what he said before was rantings of a mad man and he has changed because she said she wants to sing different genres.
Casi chose Blake


Night 4:

Micah Tryba sang I'm Every Woman by Whitney Houston-- The low register of her voice is very strong, but I'd like to see her work on that higher register. That's why she didn't get a four chair turn. Blake turned right near the beginning followed by his girl Gwen. Adam said that there were a couple of pocket issues. Alicia respected the work she put in to do that song. Gwen said obviously Blake Shelton is really good looking but don't be tempted by that.
Micah chose Blake

Troy Ramey sang Wild World by Cat Stevens-- Wow, Blake turned around right away! I am digging Troy's tone, it's so strong, he has one of those authentic rock voices. That performance is how you do a 4 chair turn! Loved it! Adam said welcome to Team Adam, you have a naturally beautiful temperament and you showed us why you're a contender. Gwen said she loved that he put his own feelings into the song. Alicia said you have lifetimes in your voice Troy, you're super cool. Troy said to Blake my mom is always talking about your dimples, and Blake said bring your mom out. Blake said, Troy you sing like a man.
Troy chose Gwen

Ericka Corban sang Wade in the Water-- no one turned, it was a little bit pitchy.

Jack Cassidy sang One of Us by Joan Osborne-- I love all the inflections in his voice. Jack's uncles are Shaun and David Cassidy. I felt like Jack really connected with that song and Adam turned almost immediately and Alicia turned towards the end. Adam said there were imperfect moments, but that's life. He said he was raised on Elton John, The Eagles etc. Blake said congratulations I can't wait to hear what Alicia has to say right now. Alicia said what's your story, and in that song you sang, I felt your message. Adam said I think you and I grew up listening to the same kind of music so don't underestimate that.
Jack chose Alicia

Kawan DuBose sang Let's Get it On by Marvin Gaye-- OMG! Why didn't Alicia turn?! That was crazy. Adam said you rendered me speechless, and Blake said, Thank GOD. Adam said the only other person who has that kind of falsetto is Prince, you are truly one in a billion. Gwen asked about his musical journey and he said music has always kept him employed. Gwen said we could show you the world the gift God gave you. Blake said I want Kawan on my team. Alicia said you will be the only person like you on Adam's team, and Blake said there is no one on Adam's team. Blake said you have so much personality on stage, I will just get out of your way as your coach.
Kawan chose Adam

Taylor Alexander sang Believe by Cher-- I love how he took that Cher song and did it up country style. Adam is right, who does a song like that? And Adam was the first one to turn and the only one. Adam said welcome to my team, you are so weird and wonderful. Alicia said I love flipping songs like that.
Adam chose Taylor

Gaby Borromeo sang Happy by Leona Lewis-- Her voice was so powerful and I agree with Adam, I am shocked that it wasn't a four chair turn. Only Adam and Blake turned, and Gwen and Alicia didn't. Blake said by the end of that, it was an incredible performance. Blake said there's no one like you on my team, I have a bunch of country singers, I don't have anyone with purple hair. Adam is right, you could win this, and it would be a shame if you let someone like Adam screw it up for you. Adam said he has been passed on from production company to production company and knows directly what Gaby feels like.
Gaby chose Adam

Griffin Tucker sang Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis Presley-- Griffin is only 14, wow, he has a mature voice. No one turned but he should definitely come back.

Missy Robertson sang Scars to Your Beautiful-- I honestly thought no one was going to turn, and then at the last minute Blake and Alicia turned. Alicia said I'd love to help you spread your message and I am so proud of you already. Blake said I am sure you're wondering what does this country guy have for you. Missy said, you're amazing Blake.
Missy chose Alicia

Aaliyah Rose sang Rise Up by Andra Day-- I loved the intent of the performance, it was genuine and sweet. It's crazy that she is only 14, and I feel like she definitely has things to work on cause like Gwen said she lost control in the middle of the performance.
Gwen chose Aaliyah

Josh West sang Ordinary World by Duran Duran-- 4 chair turn! Well deserved! He was so good, his falsetto is incredible, I cannot believe he is 17. Adam talked about how he would be great doing Soundgarden. Alicia said it was an awe inspiring performance. Blake said he loves the 90s, and I am a fan of rock music. Gwen said I love your voice more than any of these coaches.
Josh chose Adam


Keep your eye on --- Julien Martinez, Casi Joy, Josh West, Kawan DuBose, Jack Cassidy, and Gaby Borromeo

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