Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Voice Season 12: Hot Out of the Gates for the Blinds

J Chosen sang Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye-- All the judges turned towards the beginning and they were having so much fun watching Josh. He is a true performer and his vocals were so sharp. Alicia was acting all embarrassed hearing his range. Blake said he just healed us sexually. Alicia said she was hiding from her emotions. She said she loved his vulnerability. Gwen said he has true talent, and she feels she could relate to him in so many ways. Adam said go with who is most passionate about you.
J chose Gwen

Lauren Duski sang You Were Meant For Me by Jewel-- Everyone turned for her except Alicia. Gwen is really fighting for this. She is making the argument that she is somewhere in the middle in terms of style between Adam and Blake. Blake wants her to flip and be country.
Lauren chose Blake

Johnny Haves sang Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding-- Gwen and Adam turned. I remember Johnny from last season and I loved him, he has a retro punk sound. Blake made a pitch for Gwen telling Johnny that he and Gwen both have made amazing comebacks in music. Adam said it's a matter of who he wants to work with.
Johnny chose Adam

Skyler Harris sang One and Only by Adele-- No one turned, I think Gwen is right, she should come back.

Anatalia Villaranda sang Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars-- She is good, but she needs a little bit of help to get her voice more controlled. Her energy was HUGE! Alicia said she is an artist unafraid. Blake said too bad she doesn't have a lot of energy. Gwen loves her positivity.
Anatalia chose Alicia

Stephanie Rice sang Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson-- This girl is special, and I love the song she chose, Kelly Clarkson is always amazing. Gwen and Blake turned. I felt like I was waiting for Alicia to turn on this. Gwen said I was moved by you, there is pain in there, music is an outlet for you. I would love to work with you. Adam started making fun of Blake and saying where are you from? I wanna protect you. Stephanie said she wants to do folk, soul, rock. Blake said, I have a soul, and Adam said that's debatable. He think Stephanie already picked someone and he is happy with it.
Stephanie chose Gwen

Branden Martin sang Here's a Quarter by Travis Tritt-- Wow, no one turned, I thought he was good.

Mark Isaiah sang Mercy by Shawn Mendes-- I was shocked that only Gwen and Adam turned, I think this kid deserved four chairs. Gwen is shocked that he isn't signed to a record label already. Alicia thought that his voice was dope. Adam said he belongs in the landscape of today's music.
Mark chose Adam

Shaun Chrisjohn was talented but failed to turn any chairs!

Brennley Brown sang Stupid Boy by Keith Urban-- I'll be honest, I didn't love this. I don't know whether she lacks training and experience or the song just wasn't right for her. Blake and Alicia turned at the last minute, and well, since Brennley is a country artist, you can guess what team she chose.
Brennley chose Blake

Felicia Temple sang All I Could Do Was Cry-- This ended up being a 3 chair turn with everyone but Adam turning. Felicia was inspired by Alicia growing up, even calling herself Felicia Keys. Her dad was in Sugar Hill Gang.
Felicia chose Alicia


Night 2 was so bland that no one stuck out to me---

Autumn Turner sang Last Dance by Donna Summer-- Autumn chose Alicia

Jesse Larsen sang Jealous Guy by John Lennon-- Adam was the only one to turn and out of everyone tonight he was the most talented

Aliyah Moulden sang Hound Dog by Elvis Presley-- Aliyah chose Blake

Savannah Leighton sang Unconditionally by Katy Perry-- Savannah chose Gwen

Lilli Passero sang A Love of My Own by Carla Thomas-- Lilli chose Alicia


I'm keeping my eye on J Chosen, Johnny Haves, and Jesse Larsen

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