Monday, April 3, 2017

The Voice Season 12: The Knockouts Begin

Team Alicia: Chris Blue singing Superstition by Stevie Wonder vs. Quizz Swanigan singing Chains by Nick Jonas--  Chris has impressed me since day one. With Quizz, I see potential but I wonder if he will get up to where he needs to be now at his age with the time left in the competition. He's definitely talented. Chris is a sure thing though and he already knows who he wants to be. He has to go through. Blake believes Chris could win. Adam thinks Quizz lived up to the challenge of taking Chris on. Gwen thinks Chris is special and can't even believe he is human.
Alicia chose Chris and Gwen stole Quizz

Team Adam: Autumn Turner singing Respect by Aretha Franklin vs. Hannah Eyre singing Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis-- Autumn did a great job being one of the steals from Team Adam. Her vocal was strong on a tough Aretha song but has this song been overdone, possibly. Hannah is just so impressive. Wow, what a vocal. Alicia called Hannah's growth exponential. Gwen loved Hannah's warmth in her vocal. Gwen wanted a better song choice from Autumn. Adam said it was a  tough choice, and he said he is making his decision based on what he can't live without and that's..... Hannah!
Adam chose Hannah

Team Gwen: Hunter Plake singing I Wanna Know What Love is By Foreigner vs. Johnny Gates singing Million Reasons by Lady Gaga-- Hunter's take on the song he chose was original, and it was a sincere take. I could tell he was connected to the song. A part of me thought he would be a one trick pony after his battle performance but this performance made me a believer. Johnny's song choice was spot on like Alicia said. I actually loved both of these guys and I agree with Adam, Johnny is a flat out performer. Adam praised how different Hunter's voice is. Blake said Hunter you're the winner of this knockout.
Gwen chose Hunter

Team Blake: Casi Joy singing My Church by Maren Morris vs. Felicia Temple singing My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion-- I loved Casi's rousing, take me to church rendition, of My Church. It's a great song, obviously catchy. Her vocals were strong, she pushed, and I think both these ladies are going to do their best because they both want to win. Felicia was special tonight, that was a next level performance. I don't know who I would choose, this is too close to call. Alicia thought Casi had a great control, Felicia I had chills on my arm when you were singing. Gwen said Casi has so much confidence, and Felicia I was just shocked, you were unbelievable. Adam said Casi I am a fan of yours, Felicia you had courage. Blake said Felicia, your performances are next level, Casi there is no stopping you. Blake said why did I pair these two together? And Adam said I wish I could be surprised with your stupidity.
Blake chose Casi

Team Adam: Johnny Hayes singing Statesboro Blues by The Allman Brothers Band vs. Josh West singing Carry on my Wayward Son by Kansas-- I loved Johnny's performance, it really oozed authenticity. His performance definitely had a cool vibe to it. Josh did a true rock performance. I honestly think this could go either way. Blake loved Johnny's stage presence, and he loved that Josh took his vocals to a new level. Alicia thought Johnny was incredible, and she felt taken with Josh. Gwen said Josh sang a difficult song, and Johnny was so engaging. Adam said Johnny continues to improve and Josh sang a tough song and is a maniac.
Adam chose Josh

Team Alicia: Ashley Levin singing Fancy by Reba McEntire vs. Lilli Passero singing Tears Dry on their Own by Amy Winehouse--  Liked Ashley, but found her performance a little bit sloppy. Surprisingly, Lilli, who I haven't liked before this round, came out stronger to me here. I loved not only her vocal but her new look. Gwen liked the familiarity and confidence in Ashley's voice. Adam said Ashley's progression is great, but Lilli screams potential winner of the voice. Blake would also go with Lilli. Alicia said she chose Ashley cause she wanted to develop that country soul in her. Adam and Blake are both in to try and steal Lilli.
Alicia chose Ashley, and Lilli chose Adam

Just keep your eye on everyone who advanced tonight....

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