Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Voice Season 12: Team Gwen and Team Adam Go LIVE!

Team Gwen:

Johnny Gates sang Hands to Myself by Selena Gomez-- I liked Johnny's different take on this, my only thing with him is that sometimes the performance quality is sloppy. Of course the coaches ate up the performance and praised his return to the show.

Troy Ramey sang A Case of You by Joni Mitchell--  I am feeling Troy's performance. That was absolutely full of tons of emotion. It was so genuine and personal. Adam said you are so intriguing and powerful, your voice is spectacular. Gwen said I saw you in a way I have never seen you before, I think you're incredible.

Quizz Swanigan sang My Girl by The Temptations-- Quizz has a throwback vibe to him, he definitely has that old school voice and quality to him like he's from Motown Records. Alicia appreciated his finesse and grace and confidence. Gwen said he looked adorable, his performance was incredible.

Brennley Brown sang Fly by Maddie & Tae-- Super sleepy song but Brennley is such a talent that she may have just pulled that off. Blake said he made a mistake by letting Brennley go. Gwen said you have so much style, so much personality.

J. Chosen sang Nothing Compares to U by Prince-- King of a strange song choice for J. Chosen but I think he is so good that it doesn't even matter. The comments are redundant tonight.

Hunter Plake sang Elastic Heart by Sia-- Adam said I can see exactly where you're gonna go, you're extremely talented, this is just the beginning for you. I wanted to hear his words more, but the vulnerability that Hunter displays is so consistent.

My predictions to move forward: Troy, Hunter, and either J Chosen or Brennley

Actual Results: Brennley, Hunter, and Gwen saved Troy

Team Adam:

Johnny Hayes sang Ain't Too Proud to Beg by The Temptations-- Adam said I am so proud of how you came out here. I love Johnny's showmanship, he is always entertaining any time he comes out. I think on a normal night he would for sure advance, but tonight will be tough with all the amazing people on Adam's Team.

Hannah Eyre sang Skyscraper by Demi Lovato-- I love Hannah, her vocal was a little bit all over the place, there were some definite pitch issues. Adam kind of said it but in a polite way. He said the more they work together, the more that they will be able to tame the beast that is her voice.

Josh West sang More Than a Feeling by Boston-- Adam said Josh is bad ass. I really like Josh and this is one of my fave classic rock songs. That being said, the vocal was once again very pitchy.

Mark Isaiah sang All Time Low by Jon Bellion-- Probably one of the best vocals of the night, he was one of only a few who didn't have pitch issues during his performance. Gwen said she felt like he did a great job being himself. Adam said give me more time with Mark so I can make him the best version of himself.

Lilli Passero sang It's Too Late by Carole King-- Not loving the song choice but I have actually grown to like Lilli, I wasn't a fan at first. Adam said Lilli is always inside herself when she sings and that is the mark of a great singer.

Jesse Larsen sang Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder-- Loved! That was probably the best performance of the night. It is the best that he is not only a singer but a musician, Jesse is the whole package. Adam said that was soulful, you're like this wizard from another planet, you're white Cee Lo. That was by far the best vocal of the night, no one else sang that good.

My predictions to move forward: Mark, Jesse, and Lilli

Actual Results, Jesse, Lilli, and Adam saved Mark

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