Monday, April 17, 2017

The Voice Season 12: The LIVES Team Blake and Team Alicia

Team Blake:

Casi Joy sang Parachute by Chris Stapleton-- Blake loved her accuracy and vocal pitch. To me, Casi comes across as a seasoned country artist. I loved that she did Chris Stapleton who is this new age country. I think Casi shows so much versatility, she needs to make it to the final 12. I would be extremely surprised if she didn't.

Felicia Temple, comeback artist! sang Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked-- The song choice was terrible. I did not like this performance at all. I think for her as a comeback artist to be singing this was a risky move. I wouldn't be doing a Broadway musical song, I'd be doing something that truly showcases her big voice.

Aaliyah Rose sang Brass in Pocket by The Pretenders-- Blake thought that this was her best performance. I am unsure what he was hearing but this song was VERY under and off pitch. I also thought that the song somehow came across as too mature for her.

T Soul sang Knock on Wood by Eddie Floyd-- Didn't love the song choice but performance and vocal was stronger in comparison to the past two performances. T Soul stays true to himself as an artist. Blake said that was so much fun, it's what performing is supposed to be all about.

Aliyah Moulden sang Mercy by Duffy-- This was the best of the night so far. Her vocal was strong, she picked a song that suited her voice. Blake called her a real firecracker, and he said it's the best I have seen you sing on this show, and for her, I have to actually agree with his statement there.

Lauren Duski sang Someone Else's Star by Bryan White-- I think if we are having dueling country artist, Lauren wins over Casi tonight. Her vocal really sparkled and it was touching.

Moving on from Team Blake, my predictions: Aliyah Moulden and Lauren Duski, third spot is between Casi Joy and T Soul

The REAL results: Lauren and Aliyah M., Blake saved T Soul

Team Alicia:

Chris Blue sang Love on the Brain by Rihanna-- Gwen said it's unbelievable what you do, mesmerizing, someone as talented as you needs the stage, it's so natural. Alicia was impressed to hear him conquer something new and different. I loved Chris's performance, great song choice for him. It really showed that he has that strong upper register. He has always been one of my favorites, and he truly deserves a top 12 spot.

Anatalia Villaranda sang Stand by Me by Ben E. King-- Alicia said Anatalia has so much personality and feeling. There is nothing stopping her. This was a solid performance, not her best, but depending on how everyone else performs, it could be enough to get her into the final 12.

Jack Cassidy, comeback artist! sang Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me by George Michael and Elton John-- Alicia said I know your family is at home going crazy for this performance. This started out pretty well but once again, there were pitch issues with this performance like so many other pitch issues tonight. He sounded either under pitch or sharp. It just didn't sound go, especially at the end.

Vanessa Ferguson sang Lean On by D,J, Snake and Major Lazer-- I liked how she put her own spin on this song and almost took it from a club song to a classic. Her pitch was pretty on in comparison to almost everyone else. Adam said I am a fan of yours and you're ready for this.

Ashley Levin sang I Can't Stand the Rain by Tina Turner-- Wow, this performance I love, it's sultry, and such a soulful take on the song. Alicia thought she did an incredible job,

Stephanie Rice sang Every Breath You Take by Sting-- I love this song on almost anyone, it's just such an epic lyric. I think Stephanie's story gave the song more power, but do I think she was strong her than three other people on this team, I am unsure.

Moving on from Team Alicia: Chris Blue, Vanessa Ferguson, and Ashley Levin

The REAL results: Chris Blue, Vanessa Ferguson, Alicia saved Stephanie

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