Monday, April 10, 2017

The Voice Season 12: Cry a Little for the Knockouts

Team Blake: Andrea Thomas singing Cry by Faith Hill vs. Lauren Duski singing When You Say Nothing at All by Allison Krauss-- I like Andrea's voice but I felt like she was trying to mimic Faith rather than singing her own version. Lauren was a little bit more risky in her approach although the song was sleepy.
Blake chose Lauren

Team Alicia: Jack Cassidy singing Unsteady by X Ambassadors vs. Vanessa Ferguson singing If I Were Your Woman by Gladys Knight-- I liked Jack but tonight was not his night, this performance had way too many pitch issues. Vanessa has more experience than Jack and she really rose to the challenge tonight. Adam noted that Jack's performance was off.
Alicia chose Vanessa

Team Adam: Davina Leone sang Toxic by Britney Spears vs. Jesse Larsen singing The Letter by Joe Cocker-- There is something special about Davina and what she does. Jeese knocked it out of the park though. His authentic sound and the rasp in his voice did it for me. Adam compares Jesse to Cee Lo. Gwen likes how Jesse slapped them around.
Adam chose Jesse

Team Adam: Mark Isaiah singing Love Yourself by Justin Bieber vs. Malik Davage--
Adam chose Mark

Team Gwen: Brandon Royal singing Redemption Song by Bob Marley vs. J Chosen singing Without You by Usher-- Adam liked how vulnerable Brandon left himself and J Chosen crushed it. Blake said Brandon is one of his favorites in the competition, but that he would go with J Chosen. Alicia loved how Brandon sang Redemption Song, and when J Chosen sings, it just lets you in. Gwen said Brandon you took that song to a modern place, it was brave. She said J Chosen had such courage tonight, and that both of them are so gifted. I absolutely loved both of these guys. I am sad that Brandon didn't get stolen because his rendition of Redemption Song was so moving. J Chosen definitely deserved to be in the live shows.

Team Blake: Aliyah Moulden singing Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood vs. Caroline Sky singing At Last by Etta James-- Aliyah was great, she really flourished with this song. Caroline on the other hand was quite wobbly and all over the place. Adam said Aliyah it's astonishing that you are this good this quickly, and Caroline your song choice was ambitious. I think I would pick Aliyah.
I agree with Adam, I would too!
Blake chose Aliyah

Team Gwen: Stephanie Rice singing Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift vs. Troy Ramey Chandelier by Sia-- I absolutely loved Stephanie's performance. It was so gentle but strong. Troy is a force, I don't think I could ever see getting rid of him. Adam loved Stephanie but could never part with Troy.
Gwen chose Troy and Alicia stole Stephanie

Loving J Chosen, Aliyah, and Troy

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