Monday, February 18, 2013

The Bachelor: Sean's Season...... Tierra goes bye bye and Hometowns!

Has anyone become totally bored with this season? Thoughts as I get through the next few episodes.....

I found last week's almost completely worthless. All it did was reiterate things I already know. Catherine giggles a lot, AshLee is tough as nails, and Tierra is a master manipulator when it comes to Sean. The only good that really came from it was the fact that Sean finally saw through Tierra and sent her packing. In the process though, he sent home Lesley who I really saw as a front runner from the very beginning.

The hometown date show was much better than last week's show and better put together.

AshLee had the first hometown date in Houston, Texas, and it was very sweet. I loved how she and her family were so sincere; her dad told the story of how he fell in love with her the first time he saw her, and that when he passes her on to her next stage in life, he wants another man to love her just like that. Her parents are so warm, loving, and accepting.

Sean then traveled to Seattle to see Catherine. I really love her relationship with Sean; I think they both seem comfortable with each other. They have lots of fun in the city before going back to meet her mom, sisters, and grandmother. Her family seems like realists, they point out the success rate (or lack thereof) of The Bachelor, and why shouldn't they? However, neither her sisters nor her mother gave their approval to her relationship with Sean which I thought was pretty sad. Catherine seems like a nice young woman and they basically threw her under the bus.

Third hometown was Lindsay and her military family. Lindsay is a bit of a mystery to me, and I don't completely understand her relationship with Sean. Lindsay's mom seems quite taken by Sean, and wants to know if he loves her daughter. Despite the fact that her dad is tough, he does give Sean his blessing as far as his daughter is concerned. It's actually a touching moment.

The last hometown belonged to Desiree and this was filled with fireworks. The hometown started off well and it took a disastrous turn when Des took Sean to her parents' house. Besides her brother making a complete fool of himself (Dude, Sean is a lot of things, a playboy is not one of them), he might have compromised Des's relationship with Sean. Ultimately, he ends up sending her home, and we have to wonder, is it because of how her brother verbally attacked Sean? Des even said that as she walked away that her going home wasn't right. 

I am surprised by Desiree going home, I think I would have swapped her and Lindsay. Nothing against Lindsay, I just don't understand her chemistry with Sean. AshLee is so genuine as is Catherine. This is a great group of women in general. 

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