Thursday, February 21, 2013

American Idol: Season 12-- 10 of the Men Sing, Five Go Home

It was another one of those nights, except tonight it was ten of the men, some contestants chose songs that were completely unrecognizable and thus they rendered themselves unmemorable as well. Tonight was also the same as last night in that I agreed with four out of the five choices as to who should move on in this competition. I'd like to argue that Johnny Keyser did not deserve to get sent home. Devin Velez shouldn't have gone through, the song choice, Listen by Beyonce, was questionable at best, and the vocal was not really that impressive. Keyser is someone I had been watching since Idol Season 11, he's someone that I had in my top ten this year. I think he's grown immeasurably in that one year, perhaps what Velez needs now.

Who Just Didn't Do it For Me--

JDA (pronounced Jada) sang Rumor Has It by Adele-- Okay, okay, I'll give him the performance factor but the vocals just weren't there.

Kevin Harris sang Everything I Do I Do it For You by Bryan Adams-- I actually felt his sincerity as a person in this performance, but for some reason, the vocal sat flat. I also didn't like the ending, I found it over the top and abrupt. Randy found this performance boring as well as several other performances tonight which I completely agree with. I don't quite understand what was going on, but little really moved me.

Chris Watson sang Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding-- I'll admit that Chris has good looks to go along with the good voice, but this song choice just didn't make sense. I was thrown off by the outfit with the song; it just didn't go together. It seemed very strange. Mariah didn't think it was his best performance but felt his charisma; I felt it too, maybe a wild card winner along with Johnny Keyser?

Jimmy Smith sang Raining on Sunday by Keith Urban-- I think I saw and heard what Mariah was talking about when she said there's something special about Jimmy. Unfortunately, tonight, when there were a few standouts, this just wasn't enough. Nicki and Randy found it boring, and I can't help but agree.

Who Should Have Gone Home?

Sorry Devin Velez, you weren't terrible, but personal preference, Johnny was better. Unless the next group of ten men is terrible, you'll be leaving us shortly. Randy thought it was amazing...... that statement is slightly exaggerated.

Who Stayed?

Paul Jolley sang Tonight I Wanna Cry by Keith Urban-- No offense to Keith, but I didn't think this was the best song for Paul. I actually agree with what Jimmy Iovine said, great singer, wrong song. Something Keith said that was really great was that Paul should not underestimate the power of his voice.

Curtis Finch Jr. sang Superstar by Luther Vandross-- Curtis has a great voice, he's definitely a gospel style singer, but I agree with the judges, he has to be careful not to play it too old. He's only 25, and he reads 40. Randy is right though, so far his voice is unparalleled in this competition.

Elijah Liu sang Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars-- I really like this young man, at the age of 18, he is exactly what he should be right now. As Keith said, he is relevant and that was the perfect song for him to sing. The combination of his voice and tone is amazing. Nicki called him a super duper star and said she loves him, and that his voice is beautiful. I feel like we'll be seeing him in the top ten.

Charlie Askew is another contestant who I think is going to go far in this competition, and he sang Rocket Man by Elton John-- I really had my doubts on this one because this could have been a big mess, but it was anything but. Charlie was really nervous, and he had absolutely no reason to be, this was perfection. Keith Urban described Charlie is: If Freddie Mercury had a love child at Woodstock. Nicki said that his awkwardness excites her and he is a rock star. Mariah loved the song choice. I think this is another young man top ten bound.

Who Didn't Deserve to Go?

Johnny Keyser sang I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz-- Keith said the performance had a definite effortlessness about it; his voice did too. Nicki felt that he looked sexy and came out relaxed. Mariah said she loves how committed he is to music and hopes that he is around for a while. Well all I have to say is, unless you guys plan on bringing him back for some kind of wild card that's up your sleeve, he won't be around for a while.

What did all of you think? Was this the right five to move forward?

Staying: Charlie Askew, Curtis Finch Jr., Elijah Liu, Paul Jolley, Devin Velez


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