Saturday, August 23, 2008

Emmy Picks 2008

Without tons of explanation, here are my picks for the major categories at the Emmy Awards.....

Drama Series

Boston Legal, ABC
Damages, FX
Dexter, Showtime
House, FOX
Lost, ABC
Mad Men, AMC

Will Win: Lost
Should Win: Lost

Lost is the only TV Show in this category that held my attention all season and didn't let go. I cannot wait until the new season starts and although I know it will soon be over for good; I wish it would never go away. The writing is remarkable, and every year I grow increasingly anxious as to what happened to the survivors, what happened to those who died, where and what is this island? So many questions and yet so little time.

Drama Lead Actor

Gabriel Byrne, In Treatment, HBO
Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad, AMC
Michael C. Hall, Dexter, Showtime
Jon Hamm, Mad Men, AMC
Hugh Laurie, House, FOX
James Spader, Boston Legal, ABC

Will Win: Jon Hamm
Should Win: Gabriel Byrne

A friend actually convinced me to watch In Treatment, and I must admit that I was skeptical especially after he explained the premise of the show. I thought, well it's clever, but how interesting can it be? The series is in real time, and focuses on psychotherapy sessions between doctors and patients. Byrne plays Dr. Paul Weston who himself visits a psychotherapist every Friday, and Byrne is intense in this role to say the least. The show held my attention, and don't get me wrong the actors and actresses who play his patients are wonderful, but he holds his own with every one of them. I was pleasantly surprised, and I found myself watching more. I am not saying I would ever visit a psychotherapist, but if he or she is anything like Paul I would definitely take it into consideration.

As a note, Hamm is wonderful in Mad Men and he will probably win because the Emmy's love him so much.

Drama Lead Actress

Glenn Close, Damages, FX
Sally Field, Brothers & Sisters, ABC
Mariska Hargitay, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, NBC
Holly Hunter, Saving Grace, TNT
Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer, TNT

Will Win: Your guess is as good as mine!
Should Win: Any, well maybe not Glenn Close....

I love all of these ladies. Mariska Hargitay in particular was amazing in the episode where she went undercover as a prisoner in a female prison, and was almost raped by a prison guard. I remember seeing that episode and thinking... she is getting nominated for an Emmy this year. Kyra Sedgwick is charming yet tough in The Closer, and Holly Hunter is shockingly good as an Oklahoma City detective with a number of bad habits (smoking, binge drinking, sleeping with who and whatever she comes across).

Drama Supporting Actor

Ted Danson, Damages, FX
Michael Emerson, Lost, ABC
Zeljko Ivanek, Damages, FX
William Shatner, Boston Legal, ABC
John Slattery, Mad Men, AMC

Will Win: John Slattery
Should Win: Michael Emerson

John Slattery is deliciously bad as Roger Sterling, a womanizer who excessively drinks. As Ben Linus, Michael Emerson has taken evil to new heights; no wonder Jack was smacking him around so much last season.

Drama Supporting Actress

Candice Bergen, Boston Legal, ABC
Rachel Griffiths, Brothers & Sisters, ABC
Sandra Oh, Grey's Anatomy, ABC
Dianne Wiest, In Treatment, HBO
Chandra Wilson, Grey's Anatomy, ABC

Will Win: Candice Bergen
Should Win: Rachel Griffiths

Grey's Anatomy bored me a little bit last season, so overall because the writing wasn't on point, I was disappointed in the performances. So I think that cancels out the two nominees from Grey's, although I do think they are both great actresses. Dianne Wiest is good as Dr. Gina Toll, but Gabriel Byrne steals the scene almost everytime they are on screen together. The real story though lies between Bergen and Griffiths; Bergen's Shirley Schmidt is a developed character but provides more comic relief than drama ( I wonder sometimes, should Boston Legal be in the drama or comedy category or should we create a new category -- the dramedy, similar to what Friends was.) That leaves Rachel Griffiths as Sarah Walker, a working mom who is president of a family owned company. She wanted to get back together with her husband even after knowing he had an illegitimate child, but then her husband decided that he wanted a divorce. Then, she discovered who her family's real half sibling is. What a year!

to be continued with comedy nominees.....

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