Wednesday, August 6, 2008

America's Next Top Model Cycle 6--- Where Are They Now?

The ladies from Cycle 6 are intriguing; some of them are still modeling and some of them seem to have fallen off the map completely. The ladies that are still modeling are more successful than any other Cycle I have researched thus far! (Winner Danielle Evans on the left, this is some of her work with Click Models)

12th place- Wendy Wiltz who was originally from New Orleans, Louisiana has relocated to New York City. Her myspace page says she is managed by ID Model Management, but when I checked their website Wendy was not listed. She does have some beautiful pictures on her myspace profile- (the picture on the right is from Wendy's myspace page)

9th place- Mollie Sue Gondi is currently signed with Elite Model Management in New York City. I looked at her portfolio and it is both extensive and impressive ( Mollie also has a portfolio that extends outside of the United States, and she is signed with various agencies across the globe; Storm Models in London, England (, Why Not Models in Milan, Italy (, Elite Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain (, Success Models in Paris, France (, and Ace Models in Athens, Greece ( - (The pic on the left is from Mollie Sue's page)

8th place- Alejandra "Leslie" Mancia is still living in Arizona. She has modeled for Black Halo Clothing Co. and KLS (Kimora Lee Simons). She is signed with Major Model Management in New York City ( , portfolio is under "Women Management") and Elite Model Management in Los Angeles ( "Miss Leslie" is also signed with "The Agency Arizona Models" in her home state of Arizona ( - (Leslie is pictured on the right with a photo from her page)

6th place- Nnenna Agba, the model with the cloud of anonymity is listed as 23 years old on her myspace page; although most say her age is unknown. She has been featured in ads for Lulu & Red for British Vogue, Jill Sanders. She has been on the covers of Time Out London magazine and Confidence magazine. Most recently Nnenna completed a fashion spread for Spring magazine in Paris (issue: July 2008). -
(Pictured on the left is Nnenna with a photo from her page)

5th place- Furonda Brasfield is the one lady in this group that I wish I could have found out more about, but I was unsuccessful. Furonda still looks great, but there were not many pictures available online. -

3rd place- Jade Cole has a lot of beautiful pictures on her myspace page - . I discovered through some research that she is indeed signed with Diva models in Singapore ( Jade's page said she was signed with some other agencies as well, but I found no proof of that since she did not have portfolio's on their websites.
(Jade is pictured on the right with a photo from her Diva Models Portfolio)

2nd place- Joanie Dodds is still one of the strongest contestants in the history of America's Next Top Model. I could not find information on which modeling agencies she is signed with, but you can check out Joanie's page -

Winner- Danielle "Dani" Evans, our Cycle 6 winner has enjoyed amazing success! She is one of only two Top Model winners to have her Cover Girl contract renewed, the other being Cycle 8 winner Jaslene "cha cha diva" Gonzalez. Dani is signed with Click models in New York City ( She has done ads for Akademiks, Cover Girl (cosmetics and eyewear), Metro Style, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Sephora. Her runway show experience includes Baby Phat and Zang Toi in Fall/Winter 2007, Angel/ Devil and Jenni Kayne in Spring/Summer 2008, and Zang Toi for Fall/Winter 2008. Her myspace page is private, but you can request her as a friend. She recently had "friends" on her myspace page who were stealing her pics and making fake Danielle Evans' pages, so Dani kicked them off. So anyway trying to take advantage of this intelligent lady, be warned! -

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