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2008 Beijing: Results Day 7

Ok, so first thing is first; I was on this morning, and I saw a couple of Olympics articles that I really liked. I thought if all my readers enjoy the Olympics as much as I do then they will enjoy these two articles. I am posting their links so everyone can read them---,100176 -- This article is actually really funny! -- This article made me angry. :-I

Lots of action at the water cube---

Kirsty Coventry and Margaret Hoelzer were roommates and teammates at Auburn University so isn't it ironic that the 200m backstroke came down to these two for the gold? I definitely felt like Eilzabeth Beisel, the other American in the field, was going to contend for a medal, but she was not on her game for this swim.

Women's 200m Backstroke
1. Kirsty Coventry Zimbabwe 2.05.24 World Record
2. Margaret Hoelzer U.S.A. 2.06.23
3. Reiko Nakamura Japan 2.07.13

The men's 100m fly was an amazing race, and a real test of mental toughness as well. Michael Phelps made history in this race by out-touching Serbian swimmer Milorad Cavic by one one hundredth of a second. World record holder Ian Crocker missed winning a bronze medal by one one hundredth of a second. Following the race, Cavic's coach filed a protest against Michael Phelps winnning the gold, but Fina rejected it saying the overhead cameras clearly showed that Phelps out-touched Cavic. Oh the drama that is the Games! Just as a side note, at the moment, Michael Phelps and Mark Spitz are tied for most medals in a single games.

Men's 100m Butterfly
1. Michael Phelps U.S.A. 50.58 Olympic Record
2. Milorad Cavic Serbia 50.59
3. Andrew Lauterstein Australia 51.12

In Great Britain Rebecca Adlington is to them what Michael Phelps is to us Americans; she is like a celebrity, tons of endorsement deals, and an icon in her sport. She broke a world record set by Janet Evans in 1989, and Evans, ever the amazing athlete that she is, smiled follwing Adlington's swim; it was a moment that only the Olympics could create.

Women's 800m Freestyle
1. Rebecca Adlington Great Britain 8.14.10 World Record
2. Alessia Filippi Italy 8.20.23
3. Lotte Fris Denmark 8.23.03

The men's 50m free was a great surprise; defending champion Gary Hall Jr. of the U.S.A. was not present to defend his title. He did not make the Olympic team during trials, and of the two U.S. athletes who swan heats, only one made the final. In the end, the winner was a 21 year old from Brazil, a student at Auburn University and majors in International Business. Cesar Cielo Filho has been practicing his start and it was quite evident, when he finished the race, his look was one of shock. There were tears coming down his face, most likely tears of surprise and happiness.

Men's 50 Freestyle
1. Cesar Cielo Filho Brazil 21.30 Olympic Record
2. Amaury Leveaux France 21.45
3. Alain Bernard France 21.49

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