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More Sex in the City...... My Favorites from the Final Season

I started posting my favorite Sex in the City episodes quite sometime ago, and this is the final posting in this series. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed watching the episodes and summarizing them to the best of my ability. I enjoyed picking out my favorite quotes from the series, and sharing my opinions on the various episodes.

Season 6 Episode 92 Splat! --- Carrie, “I couldn’t help but wonder, what if all those helpful lunches and late-night phone calls to friends have made us all girl talk and no girl action? Is it time to stop questioning?”

Plot: Carrie and Petrovsky host a dinner party for her best friends at his house. The night is filled with tension, and then all of sudden, Petrovsky announces that he and Carrie are moving to Paris. Carrie and Petrovsky then attend a party thrown by her Vogue editor, Enid Frick, and she sees former “it” girl Lexi Featherston at the party. Lexi ends up falling from the apartment to her death at the party. Lexi’s death makes Carrie realize that all of her friends have moved on except for her, Miranda is married with a child living in Brooklyn, Charlotte is married and raising puppies, and Samantha has even found someone special in Smith. Carrie decides to change her life and accept the offer, and she drops the unexpected news on her friends which leads to a fight with Miranda after she expresses her disapproval.


Carrie: Admit it, you don’t like him.
Miranda: Fine! I don’t like him!
Carrie: Then don’t YOU go to Paris with him.

Lexi: I’m so bored I could die. (right before she falls out the window to her death.)

Miranda: Carrie, your column is who you are.
Carrie: It’s not who I am, it’s what I do.

My 2 Cents:
I absolutely love this episode every time it comes on; it is so pivotal to the entire series. In a way, Carrie chooses a man over her city, New York City and in a way she also chooses a man over her beloved girls, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. I love Lexi Featherston and Kirsten Johnsons’s portrayal of the character. Candice Bergen is great as Enid Frick, especially when she says to Carrie about Petrovsky, oh Carrie why am I not with him, and Carrie says, because I am.

Season 6 Episodes 93 and 94 An American Girl in Paris, Part Une and Part Deux

Plot: Part Une Before she leaves for Paris, Carrie sees Big outside her apartment and he admits that he messed up with her, but she makes it clear that she wants him totally out of her life forever. Carrie then has one last dinner with the girls before leaving; they all decide Carrie leaving will have a huge impact on their lives. Carrie arrives in Paris and meets Petrovsky’s daughter who isn’t thrilled with Ms. Bradshaw. Carrie loses her “Carrie” nameplate necklace, and Petrovsky replaces it with a diamond necklace, but it makes Carrie realize that Paris may not be her destiny. Charlotte goes to Carrie’s apartment to pick up her mail and an adoption recommendation and overhears a phone message from Big. She picks up and decides to have a meeting with Big and the other two girls; they ultimately decide Big should go to Paris to find Carrie.
Part Deux Carrie has dinner with Petrovsky’s ex wife who says she was sick of always coming in second to his art, muck like how Carrie feels. Samantha is surprised when Smith comes back from his movie shoot just to tell her that he loves her, and Samantha finally opens up to Smith. Charlotte and Harry find out that they will be getting a baby girl from China. Miranda and Steve must take care of Steve’s mother who is beginning to lose her memory. Carrie is supposed to go to a part in her honor, but Petrovsky panics opening night of his event and asks Carrie to skip it. She agrees, but when he gets there, he forgets all about her, and then she finds her Carrie necklace in the lining of her purse and realizes she should not be there. She misses her party anyway and goes back to the hotel to explain to Petrovsky but he doesn’t understand and he slaps her. She leaves, and in the hotel lobby finds Big; Carries accidentally lets in slip that Petrovsky slapped her, and Big goes on a hunt until Carrie trips him. The two walk around Paris together and decide they are meant to be together; Carrie asks Big to take her home, back to New York City. She reunites with the girls, and is ready to start a new life.


Carrie: You do this every time! Every time! What? Do you have some sort of radar? Carrie might be happy, it's time to sweep in and shit all over it?
Big: What? No, no, I came here to tell you something. I made a mistake. You and I...
Carrie: You and I nothing! You cannot do this to me again! You cannot jerk me around!
Big: Carrie, listen to me. It's different this time.
Carrie: Oh, it's never different! It's six years of never being different! This is it! I am done! Don't call me ever again! Forget you know my number! In fact, forget you know my name! And you can drive up this street all you want... because I don't live here anymore!

Big: You're the loves of her life and a guy's just lucky to come in fourth.

Miranda: Go get our girl! (to Big)

Carrie: I'm looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't-live-without-each-other love. And I don't think that love is here in this expensive suite in this lovely hotel in Paris.

Big: I have to hand it to you kid. Most people come to Paris to fall in love. You came and got slapped.

Smith: Hey, Babe, I flew back...
Samantha: You flew all night? Why?
Smith: I forgot to tell you something on the phone... I love you.
Samantha: You flew back to tell me that?
Smith: Can you think of a better reason?
Samantha: No, I can't. You have meant more to me than any man I have ever known.

Big: It took me a really long time to get here, but I'm here. Carrie, you're the one.

Magda: What you did. That is love. You love.
Miranda: (after giving Steve's mother, who has had a stroke, a bath)
Let's not make a big deal of it to Steve, it will upset him.

Carrie:(Last Line) Later that day I got to thinking about relationships. There are those that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous.

My 2 Cents: Clearly, the best was saved for last. So many wonderful scenes were in these last two episodes. The scene with Big, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha in the coffee shop gets me every time. Each woman has a breakthrough, Samantha discovers what true love really is. Miranda has an emotional epiphany and Charlotte is about to get the baby she always wanted. Carrie discovers that you have to love yourself and find someone who loves that same “you” that you love. I never wanted this episode to end.

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