Tuesday, September 20, 2016

HOT Fall Network TV: What Should You Watch Tuesday and Wednesday 2016 Edition


This Is Us premieres on September 20th @ 10pm on NBC (regular time slot will be 9pm)-- I love dramedies and I cannot wait for this one to start. Another one of my absolute favorite new shows ever since I heard about it. This Is Us stars Mandy Moore (A Walk to Remember), Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes and Gilmore Girls), and Sterling K. Brown (The People v. O.J. Simpson). This show has a large ensemble cast and it's about how their lives cross.

Chicago Fire, season 5 premieres October 11th @ 10pm on NBC-- Stella joins the cast as a regular and the show picks up where it left off at the end of last season. Stella's crazy ex is sitting with a knife in hand in Severide's apartment where he and Stella were getting comfy. Casey and Dawson became a family with Louie and it seems like their relationship is stronger than ever. Dawson will reconsider being a firefighter now that her priority is being a mom. Brett will start dating Gabbie's brother Antonio and this will result in crossover episodes with Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D.


Survivor, Season 33 premieres on September 21st @ 8pm on CBS--

This season was filmed in Fiji and was Gen X versus The Millennials, Jeff Probst and company are back for some fun.

Gen X

Bret LeBelle, 42, Police sergeant from Dedham, MA
Chris Hammons, 38, Trial Lawyer from Moore, OK
Ciandre "CeCe" Taylor, 39, Insurance adjuster from Granada Hills, CA
David Wright, 42, Television writer from Sherman Oaks, CA
Jessica Lewis, 37, Assistant district attorney from Voorheesville, NY
Ken McNickle, 33, Model from Denver, CO
Lucy Huang, 42, Dietician from Diamond Bar, CA
Paul Wachter, 52, Boat mechanic from Sugarloaf Key, FL
Rachel Ako, 37, Recruiting director from Los Angeles, CA
Sunday Burquest, 45, Youth pastor from Ostego, MN


Adam Klein, 25, Homeless shelter manager from San Francisco, CA
Hannah Shapiro, 24, Barista from West Hollywood, CA
Jessica "Figgy" Figueroa, 23, Bartender from Nashville, TN
Justin "Jay" Starrett, 27, Real estate agent from Fort Lauderdale, FL
Mari Takahashi, 31, Gamer from Los Angeles, CA
Michael Bradshaw, 25, Vacation club sales from Fort Worth, TX
Michelle Schubert, 28, Missionary recruiter from Yakima, WA
Taylor Lee Stocker, 24, Snowboard instructor from Postfalls, ID
Will Wahl, 18, High school student from Long Valley, NJ
Zeke Smith, 28, Asset Manager from Brooklyn, NY

Blindspot, season two premiered on September 14th @ 8pm on NBC-- Archie Panjabi (The Good Wife) joins the cast as Nas. Rumor has it that the mid season finale, episode 9, is going to be huge. All signs point to the possibility of Jane's identity being revealed.

Criminal Minds, season twelve premieres on September 28th @ 9pm on CBS-- At the end of last season Special Agent Derek Morgan got married, his wife had a baby, and he rode off into the sunset to enjoy his life. This season, Thomas Gibson (a.k.a. "Hotch") will exit the show after being fired following an on set altercation. He will reportedly be in the first couple of episodes of the new season, and how he exits is anyone's guess. Meanwhile, Adam Rodriguez joins the cast as new BAU recruit Luke Alvez-- this I am excited about. I think he is going to work great with the rest of the cast. Special Agent Emily Prentiss returns as a regular this season! And Jane Lynch will return as Reid's mom. In the premiere, the team tries to recapture a killer who escaped from jail with 13 other criminals.

Empire, season three premiered on September 21st @ 9pm on FOX-- The season opened where it left off with Anika and Rhonda fighting to the death, and Rhonda ended up dying. Cookie made it clear to Lucious that she wants nothing to do with him. This season, Cookie's main squeeze will be a councilman named Angelo Dubois (Taye Diggs) whose mom will be played by none other than the incomparable to Phylicia Rashad.  She makes tons of trouble for Cookie and tries to break up the new couple. Andre spirals out of control following the loss of his wife and partner in crime Rhonda. Hakeem's music becomes more mature. And Jamal, suffering from PTSD following his shooting falls for his counselor. Mariah Carey guest stars as an Empire artist.

Law & Order SVU, season 18 premiered on September 21st @ 9pm on NBC-- Mariska Hargitay says she continues to love playing Olivia Benson because the stories are still fresh. Benson and Barba will have a disagreement and will go head to head this season. Joe Biden will guest star and talk about the amount of unexamined rape kits backlogged and the importance of looking into these. Benson does find solace in her relationship with Ed Tucker who now works in the Conviction Integrity Unit.

Chicago PD, season 4 premiered on September 21st @ 10pm on NBC-- Voight and Officer Lindsay are still reeling from the death of Voight's son. Lindsay makes an offer that will change her relationship with Halstead. And a member of the team considers leaving to reenlist in the military.

Frequency, series premieres on October 5th @ 9pm on The CW-- I am eager to see this series that is a reinterpretation of The Film of the same name. Changes have been made to make the show more modern day.

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