Monday, September 19, 2016

The Voice: Season 11-- The Blinds Begin

Jason Warrior sang Living for the City by Stevie Wonder-- Jason has a big voice and earns turns from Alicia and Adam. Alicia reminds Jason of his mom, he had a tough upbringing and she was his rock. I guess that appealed to him because, Jason chose Alicia.

Dave Moisan sang Sex and Candy my Marcy Playground-- Dave used to be a swimmer and swan against Michael Phelps! I actually really like Dave's authentic rock sound, he has that smooth, yet edgy voice. He receives a four chair turn, well deserved. He says he met Maroon 5 years ago. Miley hugs him, Adam promises he won't try to make Dave like him. None of that works.
Dave chooses Alicia

Courtnie Ramirez sang Mama Knows Best by Jessie J-- Courtnie for me is someone who has tons of potential. I love her voice, I just think she needs to work on her dynamics. Miley and Alicia turn, Adam considered it, but said he wanted to see Miley and Alicia duke it out. Miley loves her swag, and Alicia says her voice was so alive. At the end though, it was Miley selling youth that helped seal the deal.
Courtnie chose Miley

Sundance Head sang I've Been Loving You Too Long by Otis Redding-- I knew I remembered Sundance from somewhere, he was on American Idol! I genuinely liked this guy and I still like him now. He's straight up country and Adam and Blake turn for him. Sundance admits he was really nervous and promises he'll do better next time. Alicia asks where he learned to sing and he says "you" and sings a line from her song.
Sundance chose Blake

Maggie Renfrew-- No Turns but super humble, hope she comes back.

Ali Caldwell sang Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande-- Everyone turns for her, and truthfully, I didn't love her as much as the coaches did. Ali surprisingly chose Miley, which I completely don't get. I would have chosen Alicia or Adam if I were her. Ali chose Miley

Riley Elmore sang The Way You Look Tonight by Michael Buble-- Adam and Blake turned almost immediately. I love Riley, he is super talented, and his voice is special. What he does is outside of his time. Adam said he loves that song and sings it like once a week. Blake said if I could come back as anyone, it would be Dean Martin. Blake said you have an open lane ahead of you, and the only problem is you're about to pick the wrong coach. Adam then goes on stage and duets with Riley.
Riley chose Adam

Dana Harper sang Jealous by Nick Jonas-- Dana has a very deep and full voice. Alicia turned, then Blake, then Adam. Alicia said she hears Dana's life and relates to her. Adam feels like Dana has everything. Blake said she needs to explore that lower area of her voice, he wants to guide her.
Dana chose Blake

Gabe Broussard sang Lonely Night in Georgia by Mark Broussard-- Wow, I loved the song voice, his vocal style, and the rasp in his voice. Blake turned early, and Miley turned at the end. It's crazy that he is 15 years old. Miley said you don't sound 15, I want you on my team. Blake said you sounded like such a friggin stud. I've been waiting for you. I want you on my team bad.
Gabe chose Blake

Chris Cron sang Never Tear Us Apart by -- Wow, I am shocked that no one turned. Alicia thought his voice was beautiful, she wanted to feel it more. Adam thinks he has a great voice, and he should come back.

Christian Cuevas sang How Am I Supposed to Live Without You by Michael Bolton-- I loved the emotion in Christian's voice. Miley predicted what Blake would say.... Blake said I am fan regardless of if you choose me. Alicia wants to know where he got the emotion and she said she really felt him. Adam said your emotional sincere way you were singing made me excited. I want someone who can convey what's in their heart and you blew my mind.
Christian chose Alicia

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