Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Last of the Battles on The Voice Season 11

Team Blake: Austin Allsup vs. Preston James singing Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater-- Preston was a good competitor but Austin has experience that can't be taught. I would definitely pick him. Alicia said she would go with Preston. Miley didn't know who she would pick, and Adam liked both of them.
Blake chose Austin

Team Alicia: Gabriel Violett vs. Whitney and Shannon singing More Than Words by Extreme-- I actually felt like in this battle, Gabriel was the stronger performer and voice. I didn't love the sisters, I felt like there were some pitch issues Blake said he didn't feel Gabriel got credit for his vocal range. I couldn't agree more.
Alicia chose Whitney and Shannon

Team Adam: Bindi Liebowitz vs, Brendan Fletcher singing Home by Marc Broussard-- I agree with Adam's assessment and Blake's actions. Bindi and Brendan were well matched and Adam made the amazing point that a female vocalist doesn't have to have range to be good. He compares her to Rihanna and said Brendan's vocal was like thunder. Blake agrees.
Adam chose Brendan and Blake stole Bindi

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