Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Voice Season 11: The Knockouts Are Show-Stopping

Team Blake: Bindi Liebowitz singing  vs. Courtney Harrell singing River Deep Mountain High by Tina Turner-- I was impressed with Courtney, there literally seemed to be no limit to her voice. She belted the entire way through yet never sounded out of breath. There was tons of passion in her performance, I believed her. Bindi was good, I love her rasp and growl but for some reason, I didn't believe her. Adam said Bindi has confidence and that's what makes her great. Courtney you should never be singing backup for anyone again. Alicia thought Courtney grabbed this because she showed a little more than Bindi did. Blake said Courtney is going to be a problem for these other teams.
Blake chose Courtney

Team Adam: Billy Gilman singing Fight Song by Rachel Platten vs. Ponceano Seone singing I See Fire by Ed Sheeran-- Ponciano may have had his best performance ever, but it seems like Billy can't stop, his performance was so natural and organic. Ponceano was a little lost in the performance and found his way at the end but it was a little bit too late. Everyone seemed to feel like Billy's voice was amazing and I agree.
Adam chose Billy

Team Alicia: Belle Jewel singing Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House vs. Christian Cuevas singing Superstar by Luther Vandross-- Belle's performance had a whimsical quality to it. I felt like it was her best to date. I feel like Christian listened to the coaches critiques including Faith and Tim. Miley likes that Belle knows who she is, and felt like Christian was singing to her . Adam said he is obsessed with Christian's voice. Blake said he is mad that Alicia put them together because he likes both of them. Alicia said I love your voice Belle. Christian you worked hard for this.
Alicia chose Christian and Miley stole Belle

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