Monday, October 10, 2016

The Voice Season 11: The Battle Rounds Are Here!

Team Alicia with advisor Charlie Puth: Christian Cuevas vs. Jason Warrior singing Hello by Adele-- Loved two men singing this, I didn't think I would but they both clearly made a connection with the song and each other. I don't think I can choose one. They were both amazing. Miley said Christian felt vulnerable and strong, and she felt Jason was such a performer. Blake loved Jason's delivery. Adam said you are both emotional dudes and the fact that one of you is going to be available right now blows my mind. Alicia liked how Christian let us into his world and Jason gets you want to be like him because he is so riveting.
Alicia chose Christian.... who is stealing Jason? Adam said I will not let you down, you're on the right team and he was the first person Adam turned for this season. Yes! Adam stole Jason!

Team Adam with advisor Sammy Hagar: Natasha Bure vs. Riley Elmore singing Cry Me a River by Michael Buble-- They were both great and I loved seeing their growth. Blake said Natasha sold the performance, but Riley was right on the money, he'd choose Natasha. Alicia thought Natasha sold it but Riley came through strong and she'd choose him. Miley said Natasha, you've grown such a performer today. Adam said Natasha I could not be more proud of you for getting over your fear, Riley your voice is so distinct and that's such a valuable quality to have.
Adam chose Riley

Team Miley with advisor Joan Jett: Ali Caldwell vs. Courtnie Ramirez singing Hit or Miss by Tom Jones-- Adam said Ali you're a maniac singer, I am still nursing my broken heart now, Courtnie you were amazing. Blake said Ali you're that good, I could see you in here til the end. Courtnie I'd choose you cause of the performance. Alicia said I was routing for both of you, I was so impressed. Miley said Ali you have so much style in your voice, and Courtnie your voice is so grounded, you're a rocker.
Miley chose Ali  .... Blake and Alicia both want to steal Courtnie and she chose Alicia

Team Blake with advisor Bette Midler: Dan Schafer vs. Sundance Head singing  Feel Like Makin' Love by Bad Company-- Both of them were great! The song was awesome for both guys. Alicia said Dan has an awesome, genuine way about him, and Sundance you're your own beautiful being. Miley said Dan used his stage and involved the crowd really well. Sundance had a beautiful note that he hit. Adam said it was so much fun and both guys are rad and he wishes they could play it again. Blake said Dan we talked about a lot of stuff, and we were worried about you as a performer. Sundance, even now, you stand there, but that voice is amazing and it blows me away.
Blake chose Sundance

Team Adam: Andrew De Muro vs. Billy Gilman singing Man in the Mirror by  Michael Jackson-- Alicia said Billy your voice started out in a crystal space, thank you both for bringing the energy that not everything is as bad as it seems. Miley said you guys matched so nicely and battled so well. Adam said Billy you do your homework and refine your craft. Andrew you've grown so much. Adam said I am drawn into Billy and what he's doing.
Adam chose Billy

Team Alicia: Lauren Diaz vs. We McDonald singing Maybe by Janis Joplin-- Adam said these women were battling for their lives. We you're a beast and Lauren you didn't back down either, you're both super special. Blake said We you're incredible, but Lauren did some cool stuff too. This one is gonna hurt Alicia I think. Alicia said she had a real moment of pride.
Alicia chose We............Miley and Adam both went for the steal for Lauren and she chose Miley

Watch out for Christian Cuevas, Jason Warrior, Ali Caldwell, Billy Gilman, We McDonald

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