Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Voice: Season 11 The Battles Continue!

Team Adam: Johnny Rez vs. Nolan Neal singing Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel-- I liked both guys, I thought the song limited them a little bit. I almost feel like it was a disservice to how talented they really are. Blake would go with Johnny, and Alicia would go with Nolan. Johnny was more of a surprise to me but both of them are great. Adam said he had to go with who he was more connected with.
Adam chose Nolan

Team Miley: Darby Walker vs. Karlee Metzger singing Brand New Key by Melanie-- I literally feel like that song did NOTHING for either one of them. I didn't like the song choice at all. Adam said it was very Miley. Blake said Darby is so entertaining; Karlee had the edge vocally. Alicia was impressed the whole time. Miley said she couldn't decide.
Miley chose Darby ......... wow, Blake did the right thing! Karlee had the better vocal, and he stole Karlee

Team Blake: Blaine Long vs. Josh Gallagher singing Stranger in my House by Ronnie Milsap-- Josh, in my opinion is definitely the better performer. Alicia said she would go with Blaine because there was something special in his voice. Miley said she would go with Josh. Adam said that Josh reads like a contemporary country singer. Adam would go with Josh because he felt there is more to discover with him despite thinking that Blaine is talented.
Blake chose Josh

Lightning Rounds!

Team Blake: Dana Harper vs. Tarra Layne singing Alive by Sia, Blake chose Dana
Team Alicia: Belle Jewell vs. Halle Tomlinson singing Benny & The Jets by Elton John, Alicia chose Belle
Team Adan: Simone vs. J Soul, Adam chose Simone

Team Alicia: Josh Halverson vs. Kylie Rothfield singing House of the Rising Sun by The Animals-- I loved both of them, I felt like they both stepped up big time. Miley said she would go with Josh.. Adam said this is one of the hardest songs to sing and he loves Josh's vibe, but said he would pick Kylie. Blake joked that Josh should be in a western.
Alicia chose Kylie and Miley stole Josh

Team Blake: Christian Fermin vs. Gabe Broussard singing The Reason by Hoobastank-- It's definitely crazy that Gabe is only 15. Alicia said there was a great richness in Gabe's voice, she liked the rifts in Christian's voice. Miley said it still blows her mind that Gabe is only 15. Blake likes both of them but recognizes he has to make a choice.
Blake chose Gabe

Team Miley: Aaron Gibson vs. Sa'Rayah singing I'll Take Care of You by Bobby Bland-- I feel like this was the best battle of the night. I figured it out! Aaron Gibson sounds like Dave Matthews! They were both beyond amazing and it was out of both of their comfort zones but they conquered this. I loved the chemistry between them. Blake said Sa'Rayah you were born to sing that song, and Aaron every coach loves your voice. Alicia said she is proud both of them are here singing. Miley said Sa'Rayah I feel like I have given you enough to help you move forward, and Aaron you need me to help you spread your wings a little bit more.
Miley chose Aaron and Blake and Alicia want to steal Sa'Rayah-- Sa'Rayah said I love you too Blake after he said it to her. Alicia said two words and Sa'Rayah was in tears. Needless to say, Sa'Rayah chose Alicia

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