Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bachelorette Scoop Episode 3

For all those who didn't watch and want a recap before tomorrow's episode......

The episode begins with a one on one date with Jillian and Ed. Here is a brief date recap: the two go on a helicopter ride, rappel from a skyscraper, spend time in a hot tub, drink booze, and Jillian gives Ed a rose and he moves into the mansion.

The group date is the most interesting of all the dates on the night's show. Mike, Brad, Tanner P. (foot fetish guy), Tanner F., Kiptyn, Juan, Mark, Michael, Reid, Robby, and Wes all go with Jillian on a group date to a country western movie set. Jillian is going around kissing everybody and each guy is trying to make sure his kiss is the best. Brad who just presses his lips stiffly up against Jillian's think his kiss is the best, but it clearly isn't. Robby is nervous before his kiss with Jillian because he has not kissed anyone in almost or about two years; Jillian thinks his kiss is the most genuine and most passionate and rewards him the rose on the group date.

Jillian then goes on a one on one date with Sasha; she learns about his near death experience after he was in a car accident. He says he has never really been in love though as an adult and this troubles the lovely Bachelorette who sends him packing!

At the rose ceremony, Jillian has many a conversation with many a nervous guy......

-- Reid and Jillian talk and he asks her why he didn't get a rose on the group date... (I like Reid) and she says that if she could have given two roses he most likely would have received the second one.

-- David, who has not seen Jillian in forever, is trying to have a conversation with her and just as he is about to tell her which guys in the house are not being real, Juan interrupts.

-- Juan and Jillian have a cool, calm talk in which he .... compliments her dress, teaches her to say something in Spanish, yadda, yadda, yadda.

-- Tanner P. continues to bother me with his foot talk: "I wanna suck on some toes and meet some Jillian," how attractive.

-- Jillian kisses Kitpyn some more and once again discusses her reservations with him never being heartbroken in his life.

Tanner F., Brad, and Sasha all go home! When will Tanner P. go home watch next week to see of my wish comes true!?!

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