Friday, May 29, 2009

My American Idol Playlist Season 8

So I bet you are all wondering now that this season of American Idol is over what songs do I want to purchase off itunes and put on my ipod immediately. I looked over my list of all the songs the contestants sang this year and I had to keep narrowing the list down which was difficult because I have such an appreciation for music and interpetations. It was tempting to just not choose everything, but upon further thought I discovered there really were some performances that stood out.

The Semifinals Playlist:

Ricky Braddy-- "A Song for You" made famous by Leon Russell
Ricky is the only person in the semifinals that didn't make it to the finals who should have. Everyone else on this list made it there, maybe we should have traded Megan Joy for Ricky instead, it certainly would have made for a more interesting Top 13 and we never would have had to see Megan embarass herself by flapping like a bird across the stage before she was voted out.

Alexis Grace-- "Never Loved A Man" made famous by Aretha Franklin
Alexis left the competition way too soon, and this performance was proof of that!

Allison Iraheta-- "Alone" made famous by Heart
Allison showed us the first time she stepped out on the American Idol stage that she has the singing chops of first season winner Kelly Clarkson.

Kris Allen-- "Man in the Mirror" made famous by Michael Jackson
I loved Kris from the very first performance; I remember thinking so many women in America are just falling in love with him right now.

Lil Rounds-- "Be Without You" made famous by Mary J. Blige
This is the Lil I wanted to see in the Top 13 but never quite saw.

Matt Giraud-- "Who's Loving You" made famous by The Jackson Five
Where did this guy come from? He was not the guy who sang "Viva La Vida" the week before. I am so thrilled that he brought this guy out and made it into the Top 13 because he became one of my fave performers this year. His falsetto melted my heart.

Ricky Braddy-- "Superstition" made famous by Stevie Wonder
It's fitting that Ricky have two tracks on the semifinals playlist because I still believe he should have gone further than he did. Do you think he can try out again next year?

Anoop Desai-- "My Prerogative" made famous by Bobby Brown
Ending with Anoop is right because the judges made this a Top 13 for him. Truly one of the most personable contestants to ever grace the Idol stage, Anoop brought fun and character to this season.

The Finals Playlist:

Danny Gokey-- "PYT" made famous by Michael Jackson
Simon called this vocal performance brilliant.

Allison Iraheta-- "Give In To Me" made famous by Michael Jackson
This, to me, is the performance that put Allison on the map as a true rocker.

Kris Allen-- "Remember the Time" made famous by Michael Jackson
Kris showed the audience that he isn't just a singer but an artist as well, he came out with his guitar for this performance and totally changed up the style.

Matt Giraud-- "Human Nature" made famous by Michael Jackson
Simon called this a steak and potatoes performance, basic yet essential; I couldn't agree more.

Matt Giraud-- "So Small" made famous by Carrie Underwood
Simon said that this performance proved that Matt's vocal abilities had been underestimated.

Kris Allen-- "To Make You Feel My Love" made famous by Garth Brooks
This was one of those extreme risks that paid off big time. I loved when Simon said, you were in complete control of the song for the whole time.

Anoop Desai-- "Ooh Baby Baby" made famous by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles
The phrasing and delivery of this performance is what made it so great.

Allison Iraheta-- "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" made famous by The Temptations
This performance was so funky, and I remember not being able to believe that she was in the bottom two the week before.

Danny Gokey-- "What Hurts the Most" made famous by Rascall Flatts
Paula said she would hit repeat in her car if she heard this song and I still agree.

Matt Giraud-- "You Found Me" made famous by The Fray
The judges were not a big fan of Matt singing this, but I was; I thought it was an honest, from the heart performance.

Kris Allen-- "Ain't No Sunshine" made famous by Bill Withers
Kris' take on this song was one of the most clever of the season. Paula said he took a 30 year old song and made all of us feel like we were hearing it for the first time, and every time I hear Kris sing it, I want to hear it again.

Anoop Desai-- "True Colors" made famous by Cyndi Lauper
Anoop took a truly popular pop song and made it into a soul song; lovely phrasing made Anoop an Idol contestant I will never forget.

Adam Lambert-- "Mad World" made famous by Tears for Fears
Adam's best performance of the entire season; this performance completely moved me, and I was so taken in by him.

Anoop Desai-- "Everything I do I do it for You" made famous by Bryan Adams
The vocals were in great control and sounded strong.

Kris Allen-- "She Works Hard for the Money" made famous by Donna Summer
I didn't expect to hear this song from Kris but I was so surprised when I did; a man's take on a song originally performed by a female, and it was brilliant.

Allison Iraheta-- "Hot Stuff" made famous by Donna Summer
a rock take on a disco song, how interesting.

Adam Lambert-- "If I Can't Have You" made famous by the Bee Gees
I loved how Adam took a fast song, slowed it down, and put some heart and soul into it.

Allison Iraheta-- "Someone to Watch Over Me" made famous by the Rat Pack
Allison impressed me throughout the entire season with her maturity which really showed in this performance.

Danny Gokey-- "Come Rain or Come Shine" made famous by the Rap Pack
My fave Gokey performance of the season; Simon called it Danny's best performance in weeks and said Jamie Foxx brought out something special in him.

Kris Allen-- "Come Together" made famous by the Beatles
I love how Kris showed off his guitar skills and singing skills in this laid back performance.

Kris Allen-- "Heartless" made famous by Kanye West
A completely different take on a mainstream song, and I loved it. Kris showed America that he was a contender based on sheer originality and artistry.

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