Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Top 3 Take Each Other On in American Idol Season 8

Judge's Choice

01 Danny Gokey sang "Dance Little Sister" made famous by Teerence Trent D'Arby (Paula's choice)-- I liked the song in the respect that it allowed Danny to stay in that comfortable part of his voice. However, I didn't really like the song itself.
Score: 4

02 Kris Allen sang "Apologize" made famous by OneRepublic (Randy and Kara's choice)-- I love that song, and more importantly I love that song on Kris. His vocals were so strong throughout this performance. I agree with what Simon said, Kara cannot criticize Kris for singing a song that she chose for him to sing. If she wanted him to do the song on guitar she should have told him that.
Score: 4.9

03 Adam Lambert sang "One" made famous by U2 (Simon's choice)-- I love this song, just like Simon, it is one of my faves, but Adam totally butchered it.
Score: 3.5

Contestant's Choice:

01 Danny sang "You Are So Beautiful" made famous by Joe Cocker-- I love the arrangement and I think Danny did an awesome job. His voice was just beautiful and I love that he infused a gospel style into the song. Simon called the vocals, a "vocal masterclass".
Score: 5

02 Kris sang "Heartless" made famous by Kanye West-- Kris isn't just bold like Kara said, but he is so so clever. And I agree with Randy, I did like his version better than Kanye's; this was hot and what Kris basically did was put himself back in the running for the finals. Although, I was not one of the people that thought he ever went away.
Score: 5

03 Adam sang "Cryin" made famous by Aerosmith-- Steven Tyler rules and I am predicting Danny and Kris for the finals!
Score: 3.9

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