Monday, May 25, 2009

Bachelorette Scoop

So I was stuck in the Orlando Airport last week when the fifth season of The Bachelorette premiered so I just watched the premiere a couple of days ago, and I think Jillian Harris may be my fave bachelorette even (my other being Trista Rehn Sutter). She lives by the saying, "you have to slay a few dragons before you meet your prince"; she believes that her husband should be her best friend. Jillian is great, and I could not say one bad thing about her when I saw her on The Bachelor last season she finished third to Molly Malaney and Melissa Rycroft. The 29 year old currently residing in Vancouver British Columbia works as a restaurant interior designer and has supervised projects in Canada and the U.S. She is very close to her family and in her free time Jillian volunteers as a mentor for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Association.

The Guys She Chose (I put a * by the ones I agree with; a ? means I am not sure yet, x is a no i disagree with your choice Jill!)

First Impression Rose: *David, 27 Trucking Contractor, Dayton, Ohio (he was super nervous but I also liked him)
*Jake, 31 Commercial Pilot, Dallas, Texas (I like him I think he is super sweet and super hot, but my best friend who also watches has doubts; I am proceeding with caution!)
*Jesse, 27 Winemaker, Carmel Valley, California (he and Jill had a good conversation on the first night)
? Wes, 32 Musician, Austin, Texas (I haven't quite figured out if Wes is genuine or just trying to write a good country song and get some exposure)
*Mathue, 26 Personal Trainer, Wichita, Kansas (he has that cool hat with all the signatures of the country singers, and he has a good personality to go with it)
*Michael, 25 Breakdancer, Astoria, New York (at first I didn't get Michael, but I actually love his sense of humor, and he is really sweet)
? Robby, 25 Bartender, Spring, Texas (they didn't spend a lot of one on one time so I am not so sure about him yet)
x Ed, 29 Technology Consultant, Chicago, Illinois (hmm, I don't know that he is right for her)
? Reid, 30 Realtor, Upper Dublin, Pennsylvania (he came in at the end, I don't know anything about him)
? Simon, 26 Soccer Coach, Bradford, England (I am still undecided on the Brit)
*Kiptyn, 31 Business Developer, Encinitas, California (he made an amazing first impression, and he's cute!)
x Mike, 28 Baseball Camp Owner, New York, New York (also known as lame joke guy)
x Brian D. 32 IT Consultant, Atlanta, Georgia (he called her "Hot Tub Harris" when he met her, a definite no-no; enough said)
* Sasha 27 Oil and Gas Consultant, Tiki Island, Texas (I like how he is so close to his family
? Julien 34 Restaurantuer, San Diego, California (there is something about him that is too secretive; I hope he opens up soon)
x Tanner P. 30 Financial Analysyt, Dallas, Texas (the foot guy; need I say more???)
*Mark 26 Pizza Entrepeneur, Denver, Colorado (although he is young, he is more mature than most of the other guys)
x Brad 27 Financial Advisor, Chicago, Illinois (Jillian does not seem very attracted to him which isn't a good thing)
? Tanner F. 28 Sales Rep., Derby, Kansas (don't remember him, is that a good thing? but won't judge him)
? Juan 35 General Contractor, Santa Monica, California (Juan really confuses me, and I don't know if he is genuine or completely faking it)

Biggest Surprise (who didn't make it)- John H. I thought he and Jillian had a great conversation and he seemed like a nice guy
(who did make it)0 Tanner P. The guy obviously has a sick foot fetish, why would you keep him around?

Questions to think about for now and upcoming episodes--
Which three guys have a girlfriend?
Who came on the show to become the next bachelor?

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